Swisschamp Swiss Army Knife
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    Swisschamp Swiss Army Knife


    Product description

    A champion's pocket tool for the absolute professional exclusively from Victorinox. This swiss army knife is one of the crown jewels of Victorinox pocket tools! 91 mm, 3 1/2inch blade.Tools included are

    -large blade
    -small blade
    -can opener
    -bottle opener
    -small screw driver also for Phillips screws
    -wire stripper
    -magnifying glass
    -large screwdriver
    -key ring
    -sewing eye
    -Wood saw
    -Pressurized ball point pen -also DIP switch setter
    -straight pin
    -Patented mini screwdriver
    -Wire cutter with Wire crimper
    -fish scaler with -Hook Disgorger
    -Nail file-nail cleaner-metal file-metal saw
    -Fine screwdriver
    -Multipurpose Hook (parcel carrier)

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