Most Valuable Person? Most Valuable Gift!

Most Valuable Groomsmen Coaster

I love flasks, I really do. Tumblers, cufflinks– all great.

But they’re a little overdone, don’t you think?

Going with a classic gift is always an option. It’s timeless and always appreciated. But today’s groom isn’t always looking for tradition. For the man who wants to think outside the box, you’ve got to check out these Most Valuable Person Shield coasters on our site. What’s usually seen adorning a wall is brought down to a nearly 4″x4″ coaster size and makes the perfect novelty item when hosting or entertaining.

I love this gift because it’s still masculine, it’s completely practical, and it will be something that actually gets used in the recipient’s house. Every time your friend goes to prevent that pesky drink sweat from getting on his hardwood table, he’ll be reminded of the fun times he had standing by your side on the big day. All coasters are personalized with the groomsman’s name, the last names of the groom & bride, and the year of the wedding. Plus, you can purchase them in royal blue, gold, or maroon.

BUT WAIT. Ladies, we did not forget you.

The bridesmaids get a little love as well with coasters of their own featured in delicate pink. A regal MVP banner is stamped across the top of the shield, with the information below it in alternating block and script font. So fun for any gal who fancies herself a hostess! Plus, what a great conversation starter. Remember when crazy Aunt Lula dove for the bouquet and wound up on the floor with her dress hiked up around her waist?? You’ll be reminded of every laugh, smile, and tear when you pull out these decorative coasters.

So, grooms & brides, please think of your friends when you go to purchase bridal party gifts. They have all the flasks they need. Give them something new this time.

Give them something they’ll use for years to come.

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