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Award the Wine Lovers on your Wedding day!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


The scientific community has been studying the effects of wine for many years. One recent investigation has been examining the link between the scent of wine and romance. According to the research, the aromas of certain types of wine can spark a warming and happy-feeling sensation.

Drinking one glass of wine daily or a few glasses per week can also provide the body with a healthy dose of antioxidants, but can also make your special occasion a night of romance.

Its not a wonder why there are so many wine lovers out there… So, if you decide to opt for this Monogrammed Wine Bottle Medallion, which comes in a set of 2 as your wedding favors, know that you’re playing it safe as it would be much appreciated especially when personalized.

Perfect Wedding – Perfect Match!

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Is there such thing as a perfect match? We sometimes wonder (out loud even) when we see couples who are completely contrast by looks and nature, pairing up. At the altar, guests quietly gaze in amazement as they see the short petite man marrying the tall, thin blond… or the Ms.Goodie-two-shoes tying the knot to a hippie-styled persona with long,curly hair.This is the thing – There is no perfect match! They become perfect through the imperfection. Love is real only if it grows despite the imperfection. We have heard the quote before “I do not love you because you are perfect, but because you are perfect for me”…. and to celebrate this we introduce our Perfect Match Cutting Board Set!! Rejoice to the perfection that lies beneath all life’s hurdles, challenges and imperfections. Cheers!

Summer Holiday in December? Why not??

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Flying to the an island in a hot country to explore the beaches is a dream for some; and a dream come true for many. During the cold winter holiday season, beach holidays are becoming quite popular as many holidayers run away from the tingling cold to get a tan and relax on a beach chair. Working hard all year, dressed in shirts and suits and high heeled pumps have triggered this trend where stripping off to bathing suits and slippers is what a real holiday would be!Travel agencies have been busy making reservations for these summer holidays in winter for travelers and ‘Let’s go to the beach’ songs clash with christmas carols. On this note, packing the right essentials are not just important for secure traveling but for a fun-filled holiday as well! Let our nautical themed Personalized Striped Canvas Tote join you in your holiday to perk you up into you summer holiday in the winter season!!

First Impression? Faster than getting a hamburger!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Feeling nervous about meeting your in-laws for the first time? Blockbuster movies such as Meet the Parents and Monster In-Laws can provide good pointers, but not everyone is going to face all those awkward moments. You could be dealing with the modern or conservative in-laws, but both have one common motto…to ensure that they will be handing over their daughter to someone who is responsible, decent, and worthy to be with.So, what’s the trick to ace this? Just be confident, calm, and create a good first impression…in short just be YOU! Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? First impression is formed in less than five minutes, but it lasts for a way longer period…hmmm even permanent! “Studies even pointed out that it takes more time to get a hamburger than it does to form a first impression towards someone.”Spruce up a little bit to impress your in-laws! Decent attire is just not what it’s all about. Get a haircut, manicure, and shave done as this really work wonders.  Look into our 4 Elements Full Size Kit which is based on aromatherapy products consist of Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm, and Badger Shaving Brush.  The aromatherapy lemon scent will not only relax you but them as well.A unique and useful gift for any of your favorite man, whether it’s for your father, husband, best man, and even groomsmen!

A ‘Tapas’ Party to celebrate the Wedding

Friday, August 17th, 2012


As an alternative to the customary formal dinners and backyard, why not organize something out of the ordinary such as a Tapas Party? It is usually held by the Spaniards, but it has gained popularity throughout bistros and pubs across United States as well. Due to its simple and trouble free nature that doesn’t really require much advance preparation, it has induced the demand of house get-together. Varieties of snacks and appetizers that can be instantly prepared with flavorful fresh ingredients are usually set around the table casually and guests are left to help themselves. Complement these dishes with Spanish cocktail drinks such as the sexy Sangria or the refreshing Mojito that is best offered in our Circular Monogram Pitcher so that the host is liberated to enjoy the social gathering as well. Prepare the drinks the night before, put them in the fridge, and just add some ice or fruit slices before serving and hold your horses for compliments to pour in. Tune in some modern flamenco music and the crowd will totally be up to the beat. These shortcut inventions are not to be missed! Imagine the hassle and time taken to prepare individual cocktails for the guests, and plus it evacuates you off from the party fun! Perfect for any occasion, it is exclusively featured with a C- shaped handle and an easy-pour spout that makes an entertaining father of the bride gift, groomsmen gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, and even as delightful wedding favors.