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Even the Swiss know that good things come in small packages

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Back in the 1880s, the Swiss Army was in dire need of a compact and sturdy folding knife for various purposes from opening their canned food to disassembling a rifle.  The founder of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, Karl Elsener came up with the revolutionary idea of creating this marvellous tool with a sophisticated twist. Standard folding knives would have a blade, a can opener as well as a screwdriver. These tools were attached to a pivot point mechanism on the knife’s handle – a very smart and practical way of assembling a folding knife. Elsener then changed this mechanism to a spring mechanism which allowed twice as many tools to be attached to this small package.

Centuries have passed and the Swiss Army knife has evolved into a highly crafted and useful tool which is carried by many professionals in their field. Astronauts, rangers, mountain climbers, and athletes have this small gadget handy in their pockets to assist them in time of need.  But then, out comes our wondrous Victorinox Swiss Army Golf tool – perfectly suited for the golf professionals out there. This tool has ten different useful items in the one little device, making it the most versatile item to help golfers on the course.  Attachments include a one-hand locking Divot Repair tool, Ball Marker, Tee Punch with Groove Cleaner, Bottle opener, Nail file, Blade, Tweezers, Toothpick and even a pair of Scissors. Looking for a gift that will be cherished and pocketed 24/7 by your golf-loving groomsmen? Ta-dah………!!! Big things do come in small packages!

A good cigar is only as good as its humidor

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


It has been said that a good cigar is like tasting a good wine; you smell it, you taste it, you look at it, you feel it, you can even hear it. It satisfies all the senses. Dignified men have indulged themselves in the art of cigar smoking for centuries. These men make sure that they only smoke the best cigars.

So, what does it take in order to retain the freshness of the tobacco in cigars? It all depends on how the cigars are stored. Cigars need a certain level of moist and humidity to sustain its quality and that’s when a humidor comes in. Our Personalized MVP Gold Humidor is made from great quality sturdy wood that will ensure that your cigars are well preserved.

Christopher Columbus was the man who introduced cigars to many parts of the world. Let’s commemorate his contribution to this art of cigar smoking on the upcoming Columbus Day this October. This shiny and well polished humidor is a perfect gift for those tobacco lovers on Columbus Day.  With customized prints of different logos, names and dates, this humidor would also be favoured as a gift for a father-in-law to be who enjoys an exquisite cigar every now and then.

And oh, the goodness doesn’t just end there. Our customized humidors come in other varieties of colours and designs.


A Platter of Beer Anyone?

Saturday, February 9th, 2013


You’re probably here because, like us, you love beer and enjoy what is happening in the beer industry today. All though, many people are unfamiliar with some of the craft brews introduced into the market every year. The flourishing craft beer industry offers so many different variations that it is hard to try them all.

The Beer flight Set with Wooden Paddle makes this task easier, to transport your flavors of beer to curious friends, family, and patrons in one place. Come on in, take a look around.

Think about cocktails being a signature drink at your wedding. Its not only another creative way to add a little personality to your reception, but it can also help with your budget by taking the place of a full bar.With each glass on your platter having different cocktails to taste;like Fresh Watermellon Margerita(fresh watermellon juice n tequilla),Blueberry Mojito(blue berry club soda n vodka),Superfruit sangria(red wine n canberry juice),Waikiki Shore(Gauva juice and rum). Ignite a night filled with delight as there will be something everyone would love with the platter!



Enjoy your Beer – With the Right Pilsner

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

You know you’ve been there: The sun is shining down on a backyard barbecue as you sway to the tunes of your favorite song

“Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-nine bottles of beer
Take one down, pass it around, Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall”,

Going nostalgic with your best friends and catch the eye of that girl you’ve been hoping to talk to all afternoon! Being one of those people who enjoy drinking beer as much as some people enjoy a warm car ride to work on a snowy day  or a hot cup of chocolate by the fire.

Allow these Pilsner Glasses to give you the company you need; fitting perfectly well between your fingers, with the chill of the beverage on your palms.

This unique customizable product is just one of the many personalized or engraved custom items in our massive inventory that speaks hobby and charm in one.

Flask Evolution

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

In the theory of economics, a market equilibrium is attained when the quantity being supplied is equal to the quantity being demanded…In short, when there is a desire for a particular product, the market will cater to it.  After the humans discovered the ways to produce and consume alcohol, they eventually would pop the “need” for a container to store and drink from it, right? Well, this is how it started…During The Middle Ages, people scooped out prepared fruit as a mean of a container to fill in their spirit.  However as time passed by, the first homemade flask was developed in the 18th century which were crafted from pig’s bladders and was utilized by the women in those era as they embarked on British warships, to smuggle gin which were hidden inside their petticoats. Flasks that are made of leather and glasses were just dangling around the neck of gentleman belonging to the upper class societies while they go for their adventurous trips. Eventually, now in the modern era due to its high demand and popularity, flasks are being fashioned of metal for it serves its purpose better in terms of durability and preserving the taste of the content.Men and women love hip flasks till date due its ability to conceal alcohol into discreet places.  With the various shapes, sizes, colors of flasks that exist today, experts at “Modern Drunkard Magazine” states that an engraved flask makes one of the very best gifts.” Introducing our attractive Custom Color Flasks that will prove to be a great companion to its owner at any occasion! Personalized for the groom, best man, and groomsmen with their name on it, will positively make a memorable gift!

The East VS The West in a Foreign Land…

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

This week, the world will set their eyes on London as NFL will tumble down like never before!! The International Series game begins on October 28th 2012, where St. Louis Rams will host the New England Patriots in the sixth regular season that is to be played at Wembley Stadium, London.  Tough call isn’t it?New England Patriots, generally known as the “Pats” have set its momentum in the football history. Their performance is profiled for most wins in a decade, and their greatest triumph was celebrated when they stand at second place in the league for winning three Super Bowls in consecutively four years. Nonetheless, the “Rams” are the only team in the league to win three NFL Championships in three different cities with flying colors.It’s totally a thrilling match that is not to be missed! However, you don’t have to be physically there to support and buzz around with the fans….Show your strong determination for the team wherever you may be, by gathering up your best buddies at your mancave to watch this phenomenal NFL International Series and serve chilled beer in our Personalized NFL Medallion Mug that is available in different team emblems to honor the team of your choice. Dashing groomsmen gift, best man gift, fathers gift that will make the gridiron fan go wild!

The Spirit of Oktoberfest…!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

The famous 16-day festival that paints the country white and blue, is known to be the world’s largest fair, and it is none other than the Oktoberfest.  Every year they have about more than 6 million visitors from all over who bring their thirst for having a good time with them, resulting in a consumption of more than 7 million liters of beer!!!Now this is really huge…Tents are built all over the place for the festivities, with plentiful of games, races, musical blast and merriment.  The event ritually commences with the mayor saying O’zapft is!” letting the universe know that the first barrel has been successfully tapped!If you cannot be in Munich to experience this, it doesn’t sound too complex to host your own Oktoberfest, does it? Relish the same experience with Our Beverage Barrel. It makes a magical groomsmen gift for those who enjoy his aged beer with the sharp and distinct flavor of oak wood.  The minute they bring this home, they wouldn’t be able to wait to pour their modern spirit, as this mini barrel actually helps to speed up the aging process of liquor due to its higher spirit-to-wood ratio…one of its perquisites!Personalized, this makes a fantastic, eye-catching add-on to that home bar or man cave!

The Man Cave is now legal!

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Last year the word was “tweet”.This year its “sexting” and “man cave” – the newest terms added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. The term man cave and its denotations have flooded people and the world in not just in terms of speech. Having a precious, personal man cave seems to be just as essential as having an attached bathroom in the master bedroom of a home….for a different need,of course. It is not just a dream anymore for a man to want a place to relax, play games, watch football and have a few beers with friends over some poker. It’s a need!Its not all that difficult to re-vamp an ordinary room into a man cave and one wont need to spend a bomb re-decorating.  Like a king on his throne, a man cave normally has a huge comfy sofa or even a recliner; a mini-bar at the corner with all the bar essentials, some personalized glasses, a flat-screen T.V and a stunning sound stereo. Add up some personalized pub signs to literally claim the room as your own; order some pizza and all you need to do is call a bunch of boys and let the fun roll.This does hit on an idea on the term “Woman Cave” – feminizing a room wouldn’t be all that hard too, with splashes of hot pink colors here and there, good music, martini glasses and a ‘sex in the city’ video..Let’s hope the “woman cave” term passes entry to the OXFORD Dictionary next year.. You just never know.

Beer- The Brew of Friendship!!

Monday, June 18th, 2012


From the ancient times, beer has always been a drink to celebrate among the boys. It seems that there is an invisible law that conveys that these men are allowed to act all merry and crazy once their face is flushed red with the effect of ounces of beer. From the times when this drink was brewed in barrels until today where the machine sizzles this ‘yellow mellow’ into a beer mug in a club. Beer is still the signature of friendship among the boys!!

Which is why we have introduced yet another beer mug with an additional unique and modern touch. A tall 25ounce mug is made memorable with the phrase “Most Valuable Groomsmen”.  To give it a slight gorgeous touch, we have given you the option of getting it engraved in either gold or silver finish.  So, what are you waiting for… celebrate your night and hangover with style!  Gifts for groomsmen and ushers that is both memorable and fun at the same time.

Confused on Groomsmen gifts? Don’t be! Here are 3 easy tips!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

As a groom the fact that you are ready to ditch singleness and freedom is already a confusion too many; and even to yourself at times! Well, its called Love!

Now the next confusion takes place when selecting groomsmen and usher gifts and who says you need to find “one” gift for ALL if you want to avoid confusion and stress. Here are 3 easy Tips to get you started:

1. “One size fits all” theory maybe less effort but also less rewarding for both you and the recipient. Select a gift perfect for his interest or hobby,whether its golf & sport or wine & dine and you will never go wrong.

2. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!!! Nothing can be more meaningful and memorable that engraved gift items.

3. Give out a small speech about each groomsmen before presenting their gifts. This is definitely going to win you some points and make your groomsmen smile with pride.

More than anything… Give with your heart and stop the counting! ;) :)