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Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Despite the new alternatives offered by technology in terms of furniture and decorative ideas, Wood still holds its classic place and is nonetheless considered an icon of taste! A silent room sparks out with warmth and personality when adjourned with this dark colored  decor and brings forth an earthy aura that both rejuvenates and relaxes.

Ornaments along with furniture, photo frames and trinkets, wall hangings and even ashtrays are crafted out of wood to enhance the beauty of regular objects.

So,we thought of adding some level of persona and character into gadgets;  high-tech items that are generally as cold as steel, practical and posses a no-nonsense behavior. Introducing our 4GB Wooden Box Shape USB Flash Drive – a unique piece of art that serves your daily function in the world of business and technology and still  manage to bring a smile on your face and glow in your heart. Clad in light wood, this USB Flash Drive is easy to grip and a definite eye-catcher at that meeting table!
















Personalize Your Espresso

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today we shall talk about How to ensure you get sheer pleasure form your espresso – These are tips you need to know even when using the best of high-tech coffee machines!! So, espresso lovers.. read on!

The Art of making drinking coffee into a divine moment is entirely depending on the process. The origin on how you to it is important. On the other hand, as the name suggests, we need express ways to get this delicious drink into a cup.

PREPARATION – Grind the fresh beans; this is a pure method that cannot be missed. Then Adjust the Grind and with expert fingers put in the right amount of coffee into the filter. Never let your eyes stray during this process and ensure the 3 things below are perfect:

– Time

– Temperature

– Pressure

The outcome of your masterpiece lies in the perfection of the above three, so never underestimate ‘human control’ and forgo that for automatic machines.

Finally, PRESENTATION  – How about a Personalized CUP of your own, like our “Personalize your Expresso” Mug?!

Now, Enjoy..!! :)


Sealed with a Kiss – Novelty Wedding Favors

Friday, March 1st, 2013


custom circle wedding cufflinks

Novelty gifts are now a growing trend where the complicated, modern, fast life have made almost everyone a child at heart with a soft corner for humor! Adorable items that make people smile, funny gifts with catchy texts or pictures that gives a warm-hearted feeling to the joyous occasion – the wedding; are looked at with a different angle, today. Where elegant and timeless pieces of tokens have been the choice previously, then gifts that serve function and can come to use took the toll, now Novelty Gift items are also on the rule.

For instance, this Custom Circle Wedding Cuff links – These are not just functional to the owner but also brightens the day (and the attire) giving it a casual, fun, memorable touch. Bearing the traditional wedding couple, in a baby cartoony figure, these cufflinks would steal any heart. And Oh, It’s sealed with a kiss and comes personalized!

Award the Wine Lovers on your Wedding day!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


The scientific community has been studying the effects of wine for many years. One recent investigation has been examining the link between the scent of wine and romance. According to the research, the aromas of certain types of wine can spark a warming and happy-feeling sensation.

Drinking one glass of wine daily or a few glasses per week can also provide the body with a healthy dose of antioxidants, but can also make your special occasion a night of romance.

Its not a wonder why there are so many wine lovers out there… So, if you decide to opt for this Monogrammed Wine Bottle Medallion, which comes in a set of 2 as your wedding favors, know that you’re playing it safe as it would be much appreciated especially when personalized.

The Family Name – an inheritance of pride.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

As soon as we came into this earth, we inherit our family name. First name is more personal and individualistic, but last name or also known as surname establish themselves as part of the bearer’s individuality. One should be honored to have a clear family name…Imagine it has been passed on for almost decades, right from our ancestors to our parents and now to us! It scores a place in our heart, and we belong to the family name as much as the family name belongs to us. When two people posses the same name, they are then identified using their family name which easily indicates of where they belong and their cultural traditions.With this, we introduce our Architecture & Elements II Colored Family Name Print that serves as a grand reminder of the togetherness of a family that completes us as an individual.  Present this Personalized Gift to just about anyone, as it will fit perfectly into any home interior.  Great symbol to show that nothing beats the love of a family!

F is for FAITH

Friday, January 11th, 2013

F.A.I.T.H – The word that consist of only Five letters but is commonly used during any conversation with people. What is it actually? Does everyone know the meaning of this word before they exploit it? Faith is very simple to understand, and it can bring you miracles!!To have faith is to exercise your believe in something even in the absence of tangible reasons. Though to just believe is not enough, as it need to be laid down to action. Faith cultivates love, confidence, courage, and success, which then enables you to see world’s greatness that are not visible to common eyes and can be derived from any picture or special object.So, how do you obtain it? Where does it come from? From the teachings of religion one can learn to be faithful over the smallest things in life.  Christians substantiate faith through their belief in the name of Jesus Christ, as the son of God who is bigger, better, and greatest above all.  Many things might be vague or unfair in our eyes, but by having faith in HIM from our deepest heart, he will certainly show us the right path to follow and guide in every step to follow…Celebrate the symbol of faith in the name of Father Jesus by wearing our Personalized Silver Weave Cross Necklace. Be it for male or female, it makes a great Christmas gift, groomsmen gift, and bridesmaid gift that can be used over and over again anytime you like! Also perfect for any religious occasion..

Summer Holiday in December? Why not??

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Flying to the an island in a hot country to explore the beaches is a dream for some; and a dream come true for many. During the cold winter holiday season, beach holidays are becoming quite popular as many holidayers run away from the tingling cold to get a tan and relax on a beach chair. Working hard all year, dressed in shirts and suits and high heeled pumps have triggered this trend where stripping off to bathing suits and slippers is what a real holiday would be!Travel agencies have been busy making reservations for these summer holidays in winter for travelers and ‘Let’s go to the beach’ songs clash with christmas carols. On this note, packing the right essentials are not just important for secure traveling but for a fun-filled holiday as well! Let our nautical themed Personalized Striped Canvas Tote join you in your holiday to perk you up into you summer holiday in the winter season!!

Flask Evolution

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

In the theory of economics, a market equilibrium is attained when the quantity being supplied is equal to the quantity being demanded…In short, when there is a desire for a particular product, the market will cater to it.  After the humans discovered the ways to produce and consume alcohol, they eventually would pop the “need” for a container to store and drink from it, right? Well, this is how it started…During The Middle Ages, people scooped out prepared fruit as a mean of a container to fill in their spirit.  However as time passed by, the first homemade flask was developed in the 18th century which were crafted from pig’s bladders and was utilized by the women in those era as they embarked on British warships, to smuggle gin which were hidden inside their petticoats. Flasks that are made of leather and glasses were just dangling around the neck of gentleman belonging to the upper class societies while they go for their adventurous trips. Eventually, now in the modern era due to its high demand and popularity, flasks are being fashioned of metal for it serves its purpose better in terms of durability and preserving the taste of the content.Men and women love hip flasks till date due its ability to conceal alcohol into discreet places.  With the various shapes, sizes, colors of flasks that exist today, experts at “Modern Drunkard Magazine” states that an engraved flask makes one of the very best gifts.” Introducing our attractive Custom Color Flasks that will prove to be a great companion to its owner at any occasion! Personalized for the groom, best man, and groomsmen with their name on it, will positively make a memorable gift!

Thanksgiving – pray,laugh,feast!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you?” – William A. Ward. It’s the time of the year dedicated to be grateful that we are given the chance to enjoy a life of abundance. Thanksgiving is the busiest day in America, where people travel from one corner to the other just to be with their dearest ones…expressing gratitude at the heart of prayers, feasting, and good laughter.The First Thanksgiving feast was shared in 1621 between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag, in which turkey, waterfowl, fish, lobster, berries, fruit, pumpkin were served. Since then, the wonderful aroma of roasted thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie has filled the kitchen of every home on this particular day. The celebration is somehow just incomplete without it…Whatever additional dishes you decide to cook for Thanksgiving, our Bamboo Bar Board will surely help you to be a master chef in your own kitchen. It makes a handy thanksgiving gift that can even be used to display the turkey in an eco-friendly way. Great for Preparing, Presenting, and Serving – What else could you ask more?

First Impression? Faster than getting a hamburger!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Feeling nervous about meeting your in-laws for the first time? Blockbuster movies such as Meet the Parents and Monster In-Laws can provide good pointers, but not everyone is going to face all those awkward moments. You could be dealing with the modern or conservative in-laws, but both have one common motto…to ensure that they will be handing over their daughter to someone who is responsible, decent, and worthy to be with.So, what’s the trick to ace this? Just be confident, calm, and create a good first impression…in short just be YOU! Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? First impression is formed in less than five minutes, but it lasts for a way longer period…hmmm even permanent! “Studies even pointed out that it takes more time to get a hamburger than it does to form a first impression towards someone.”Spruce up a little bit to impress your in-laws! Decent attire is just not what it’s all about. Get a haircut, manicure, and shave done as this really work wonders.  Look into our 4 Elements Full Size Kit which is based on aromatherapy products consist of Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm, and Badger Shaving Brush.  The aromatherapy lemon scent will not only relax you but them as well.A unique and useful gift for any of your favorite man, whether it’s for your father, husband, best man, and even groomsmen!