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Racing and Friendship

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Carl Edwards Nascar Steak Branding Iron

It all started with my dad reminiscing about his good old days as a racer. His face always seems to beam with red flushes every now and then whenever he speaks of his past. He was one hell of a racer and was worshipped by his fellow buddies. They had a small friendly gang of their own and often related themselves as the “fast and furious” and devoted themselves to Carl Edwards. As all happy dreams come to an end when we wake up, childhood memories fly past us as we grow up. That’s exactly what happened to my father! When I saw this Carl Edwards Nascar Steak Brand, a brilliant idea popped up in my head. Within days I made my thoughts real and organized a fun-boosting barbecue party. I called up all his old friends, heated up the barbecue, stored a cooler with chilled beer and put a chef’s hat on my dad’s head. I would never forget his face as he branded each sizzling steak with his brand new gift. To make it more memorable, I had arranged for leather binders branded proudly by this NASCAR Steak Brand and my dad wrote a small note for each friend. Tears of joy highlighted that day and I was so glad I could reignite my dad’s memory of racing and brotherhood!