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Even the Swiss know that good things come in small packages

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Back in the 1880s, the Swiss Army was in dire need of a compact and sturdy folding knife for various purposes from opening their canned food to disassembling a rifle.  The founder of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, Karl Elsener came up with the revolutionary idea of creating this marvellous tool with a sophisticated twist. Standard folding knives would have a blade, a can opener as well as a screwdriver. These tools were attached to a pivot point mechanism on the knife’s handle – a very smart and practical way of assembling a folding knife. Elsener then changed this mechanism to a spring mechanism which allowed twice as many tools to be attached to this small package.

Centuries have passed and the Swiss Army knife has evolved into a highly crafted and useful tool which is carried by many professionals in their field. Astronauts, rangers, mountain climbers, and athletes have this small gadget handy in their pockets to assist them in time of need.  But then, out comes our wondrous Victorinox Swiss Army Golf tool – perfectly suited for the golf professionals out there. This tool has ten different useful items in the one little device, making it the most versatile item to help golfers on the course.  Attachments include a one-hand locking Divot Repair tool, Ball Marker, Tee Punch with Groove Cleaner, Bottle opener, Nail file, Blade, Tweezers, Toothpick and even a pair of Scissors. Looking for a gift that will be cherished and pocketed 24/7 by your golf-loving groomsmen? Ta-dah………!!! Big things do come in small packages!

Baseball season is NOT over!

Monday, September 30th, 2013



It’s the last weekend of Baseball season. The Mets are going against the Brewers soon, the Giants are playing against Padres and Red Sox are up against Orioles. I’m sure a lot of us are going to be home glued in front of the TV this weekend.

Some of us won’t get to see it in person but we’ll keep cheering! So, get together in your favorite team’s jerseys and cheer like you’ve never cheered before! And how better to show your pride for the team than a bat, or at least part of one? Check out our MLB Baseball Bat bottle opener series! We’ve used one of the Mets baseball bats to create this custom Mets Baseball Bat Bottle Opener! And the same for Red Sox! The wooden bat is engraved with your favourite team’s name and has the distinctive MLB hologram, making it the perfect addition to your victory party!

The East VS The West in a Foreign Land…

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

This week, the world will set their eyes on London as NFL will tumble down like never before!! The International Series game begins on October 28th 2012, where St. Louis Rams will host the New England Patriots in the sixth regular season that is to be played at Wembley Stadium, London.  Tough call isn’t it?New England Patriots, generally known as the “Pats” have set its momentum in the football history. Their performance is profiled for most wins in a decade, and their greatest triumph was celebrated when they stand at second place in the league for winning three Super Bowls in consecutively four years. Nonetheless, the “Rams” are the only team in the league to win three NFL Championships in three different cities with flying colors.It’s totally a thrilling match that is not to be missed! However, you don’t have to be physically there to support and buzz around with the fans….Show your strong determination for the team wherever you may be, by gathering up your best buddies at your mancave to watch this phenomenal NFL International Series and serve chilled beer in our Personalized NFL Medallion Mug that is available in different team emblems to honor the team of your choice. Dashing groomsmen gift, best man gift, fathers gift that will make the gridiron fan go wild!

Wear What You Love, Love What You Wear…

Friday, July 20th, 2012

No matter which part of the world you belong to, Billiard is now more acknowledged as a respected sport rather than a recreational activity. Willie Mosconi, a famous legendary professional billiard player, who incredibly added a bag full of beans to this game until it became America’s game of choice. There cannot be another Mosconi who actually won the World Pocket Billiards Championship 13 times in 15 years. Apart from his fascinating plays, he is admired by many women for his stylish and smart dressing style, which helps to boost up his personal self esteem.If you are a true billiard enthusiast, you would absolutely know the dressing code rule that has been implied to dress professionally at all times, or otherwise they can be disqualified for violation. So, the question to be addressed, what is deemed to be professional? Watching a real tournament on television commonly shows how players are dressed up above par in their black and white tux or formal tight fitting garments, leather shoes, and cuffed up sleeves. Wear what you love, and love what you wear! Introducing our Billiard Ball Cufflinks that allows you to adhere to strict dress of conduct and look trendy at the same time. After all, if everyone dresses up in the same way on a routine basis, it is sort of tough to catch the attention of the public. Let our lucky number 8 Billiard Ball Cufflinks be your signature! Perfect sports gift for the father of the bride, ushers, groomsmen, and even your one and only bestman!

Let the History of Good Times Repeat Itself!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012


 Marriage is not just about the wedding! Both the couples have a permanent responsibility to hold on to their vows and always spice up their relation even after couple of years to follow. What’s the best way to do this despite of their busy routine of getting stuck in their eight hour job a day? Dates with your spouse can be so fun and romantic that cans spice up the marriage despite the years. Rather than doing the same old monotonous thing of dining at a restaurant or watching a movie, why not try something adventurous? Away from the hustle bustle of the city, organize a romantic picnic date underneath the canopy of stars; beach side during the summer, or even at the botanical garden! Rest in each other arms, feel the lap of nature, enjoy being in love again, and this is when you will realize that life is at a slow pace. On such occasions, people normally carry a traditional picnic basket that is loaded with food and drinks. Let’s beat the common picnic norm with this spacious Personalized Picnic Deluxe Cooler that is featured with an insulated interior to keep food and beverages chilled for longer periods. Especially designed with traveling and convenience in mind, its waterproof exterior pocket allows you to store your book, mp3, computers and gadgets freely. Get it personalized to make an outstanding wedding gift, sports gift, and even bridesmaid’s gift that enhances history on good times to repeat itself! 

Ambush of Hunting Themed Stein!

Friday, February 24th, 2012


Do you know that the word ‘Stein’ is derived from a German origin word ‘Steingut’ which means stoneware? This is apparently their time-honored way for drinking beer that was developed due to sanitary issues. For beer lovers, the bigger the mug, the better the joy! But today, steins have gained much popularity around the world that it is also considered as a great vessel for drinking hot/cold coffee and tea.

If your groomsman is a combination of adventurous and gregarious or a hunter, our Personalized Hunting Stein makes a cheerful groomsmen gift.  Be creative and add some fun by inserting a gift certificate or their favorite beer along with the stein. That one glass of chilled beer after a long day at work will taste even better when they are drinking it from a mug that was personalized by a great friend  –  by you!

Thank You Gift at Your Bowling Themed Wedding…

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


The Bride and Groom would always want to have a unique wedding of their dreams. For the couple who loves bowling as much as they love one another, having a bowling themed wedding at your reception would just be mind-blowing and totally memorable. Express your passion for the sport you love during the important moments in your life by saying your vows in the bowling alley.  You can get your guests autograph on a bowling pin as a replacement of a guest book, the best man and bridesmaid to wear bowling shirts instead of dresses and tuxedos, and also a bowling themed wedding cake to highlight the beautiful night! And most importantly you can thank each guest with our Bowling Pin Bottle Opener as a token of appreciation.  Made of genuine recycled bowling pins, this would also appeal to the “Go-Green” fans and work wonders as usher gifts or bridesmaid gifts.

Go Dodgers!!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

 LA loves their famous baseball team and so do you! There’s a Dodger match this upcoming week? When baseball is back, it is a great opportunity to throw a bash by watching the Dodger’s game with your buddies who are all geared up in the Dodger’s jersey, accompanied with chilled beers, and not to forget our special Dodgers Baseball Bottle Opener. And there you are, all set to scream out loud, Lets Go Dodgers! Make yourself a part of the Dodgers family with this astounding bottle opener that features the Dodgers logo on it, and what makes it original is the fact that it is crafted from a genuine baseball bat wood used during the MLB games, which is setting it apart with its distinctive MLB hologram. This limited piece makes a perfect sports gift for men, fathers’ gift, best man gifts, and also groomsmen gift.  Flaunt your team’s pride with this opener wherever you are!

“The Pool Player Groomsmen boasts his hobby on his wall”

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Is your groomsmen a pool player? It must be rather difficult to find a gift dedicated to this sport; it’s not like billiard themed gifts are easy to find.I mean there are no accessories dedicated to this sport except for colorful numbered balls and a billiard stick; of course there has to be more unique ideas!!

Let us do the thinking.. all you need to worry about is selecting and purchasing. With the vintage craze we have incorporated a pool player’s dream into a weather-beaten canvas print, featuring a classic fence post background and retro colored balls to add a soothing, old-fashioned touch creating this “Personalized Rustic Billiards Canvas Print“.

This can also be awarded as man cave gifts! Watch how this small canvas sign make a standard man cave fit for a night of fun, cheer and beer with good old buddies!!

This may also be an attractive decor piece for any Pool-themed Wedding.

“When the Groomsmen get tough, the tough Gifts gets going- Man cave gifts”

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


We have been all about fine watches, engraved cuff links, personalized pens, handsome wallets and other rich & elegant gifts for groomsmen and ushers.

What if the groomsmen don’t “do” elegant..? What if they are rowdy, loud, chilled out and are proud of it??!

Yes, there is the reception etiquette and no matter how gangly, the groomsmen WILL be prim & proper; but isn’t it too much to expect them to like gifts that are not a part of them?

So, what is the groom to do?? Every groom would expect a fine wedding with flowers and cuff links and studs and ties and frosted wedding cake.. the other “fun” stuff are reserved only for the bachelor night. Well, the answer is man cave gifts! These kind of gifts are great mancave additions like personalized man cave signs, bar accessories crafted in unique & sexy designs, coasters in groovy macho or sport prints, Sport or Beer Pong themed beer mugs, etc.

As you can see these items will win the heart of the tough groomsmen and put the groom’s mind at ease as they certainly not really as rude as a bag of flavored condoms!! ;P