Honeymoon Package Ideas

When we speak about honeymoon destinations, all those interesting places might not be a dream come true for some of you. As, “WHERE” to go depends on a row of realistic factors such as the budget, your time limit off work, distance, etc. Here, we shall not cover the top most favorite places to go; instead list out fresh ideas on WHAT can be done on your most cherished vacation.

The idea is to categorize your honeymoon vacation, bearing in mind you and your mate’s personality and interests; highlighting your trip with things YOU would love to do together.. and not simply because a magazine article told you so!

  1. Summer or Winter Holiday? Lazying around a beach chair in almost nothing on your back, rubbing sun tan oil on each other, lying on the sand with a tall glass of tequila sunrise and huge designer shades to shield those eyes.. How does this sound to you? For some, its bliss! However, consider your option if this sounds like too much show of that excess flab or too hot and sticky for your liking. In such a case, you might prefer a winter holiday, where you can be cuddled up with thick sweatshirts and a cup of warm cocoa, oblivious to the world around you as you watch the snow. Whichever way, your honeymoon plan should make both of you comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Quiet and Relaxing or Fun and Daring? Again, discuss with your partner whether a nice, quiet time together with almost nothing to do but delicious room service and snuggling under soft satin sheets, will be treasured or a sign of sheer boredom. For the full of life, on-the-go person, a row of different activities each day like snorkeling or skiing, watching different shows and sight-seeing would sound like a love-filled honeymoon vacation. Imagine your magical honeymoon in your head and picturize what you and your spouse are doing.. then do just that!
  3. Exotic and Wild or Fun and Comfy? For your destination, you need to again re-check what you and your spouse are looking for. For instance, you pick a place you’ve never been before in Asia and discover breathtaking views and sceneries or learn new art techniques. However, these activities may also bring with them mosquito bites, tiresome flights, a lot of walking and staying at mediocre hotels. So, if you’re not the active type, an exotic place wouldn’t be an ideal honeymoon spot for you. Instead, look for options not too far from the country you’re in and find classy, cozy hotels for your stay. Limit your activites to dining at the best restaurants and taking a cool walk at night. A little wine and dance at a nearby pub would also add a little zest to your vacation.

A fun-filled, romantic, unforgettable honeymoon does not depend on a holiday booklet or a travel brochure. It also doesn’t come from other people’s experiences; it all lies in your hands! Always listen to your heart (and your partner’s of course) and create your very own personal honeymoon package! Happy Honeymooning! J