Groomsmen – Get Groomed!

You may start wondering how this got here and why on earth would the groomsmen need grooming, especially when they are NOT the Groom; Right? Wrong! As important it is for the groom to look his best, it is just as significant for the groomsmen to look fine and crisp. After all, you’ll be standing right next to the groom and will be captured on most of the pictures. Not to forget, dancing with the Bridesmaid and single ladies.

The Tux: The highest in the checklist for your great grooming is the Tuxedo, of course. Whether paid by the groom or taken on your own account, rented or purchased, the key is picking out a fine, well fitted tuxedo which sends an aura of elegance. Coordinate the color with the bride and groom and wedding theme. Normally, the groom will have a distinct color but having the groomsmen’s suits or ties synchronized with the bridesmaid’s sash will add an extra touch of glam. Make sure the tux fits perfectly and is freshly pressed.

Cuff links: Add a little glitz to your cuffs with shiny cuff links in gold or silver. Pick out one of your style which you would love to keep using on other occasions and not just put the budget theory at the top of your list. You may either pick out trendy square ones to portray as the dignified, elegant man or opt for one with small crystal studs for an extra burst of excitement and fun. Whatever you do, you do not want to lift your arm to offer a glass of wine to a beautiful guest with a standard cufflink.

Hair: There is also a silent code regarding the “hairdo” of the groomsmen. The bride may not be the only one to be concerned about her tresses; the groom, bridesmaid, usher and of course the groomsmen need to show up neat and sleek. If you are interested to try out a new haircut for this special occasion, make sure you do it 2 months ahead so you have the time to grow it back in case you hate the sarcastic remarks. If your hair is usually an army cut style, a smear of gel or wax will make you look a tad more formal. Tied up in a straight pony tail or swept back with a wet look would be a great idea for the long haired groomsmen.

Accessorize: Final touches are always welcomed. Let us express this point with an example: A charming and friendly groomsman comes my way and offers me a seat. He then helps me pour a drink which accidently spills. At that spur of the moment, he pulls out his old, haggard handkerchief…. So, how will you end this story in your mind? Exactly! From head to toe, you need to have a check list on yourself; each button of your shirt, cuffs, handkerchief, wallet and shoes. After all, next to the couple you will be the centre of attention on that special night.

Finally, add a smile! It’s your job to make the groom comfortable but it doesn’t stop there. During the peak moments of spotlight for the groom, you’ll not only be free but should be ever ready to help out in keeping the atmosphere fun and organized at the same time. You may look drop dead handsome from top to down, but each fashion effort of yours is a waste, without a warm, gracious smile. So, get going and get groomed.