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Fashionable and Practical Travel for the Cosmopolitan Girl

Monday, October 28th, 2013


As the phone rings, Lydia picks up and it’s her superior on the line. “Lydia, I have booked your ticket for that meeting in Paris. You leave first thing tomorrow morning! Close the deal and make it work! Report to me on Monday!”

Lydia readies her suitcase and her project folder, starts mousing around for her passport, traveller’s cheques, visa documents and her international credit cards. “Gosh! I wish I could get things more organized.” Lydia thinks to herself.

If you know someone like Lydia, who is required to travel a lot at such short notice, do her a huge favour and get her this absolutely gorgeous Personalized Leather Passport Holder that comes in vibrant colours such as Honeysuckle Pink and Blue Curacao. With such vivacious colours, your passport holder will never be out of your sight. Well, whether it’s for a jet-setter business woman, a newly-wed who is ready for her romantic getaway or a maid of honour who simply deserves the best for being there, this Passport Holder will make her life so much easier. A stunning little gift for a stunning and successful woman!

Up-to-date Wine and Bar accessories

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4
The ordinary wine glass styled in an elegant curve with a long stem is probably so near and dear to many that it’s almost forgotten that other options do exist. In the era of modern living where standing out from the crowd is so important, people go all the way to speak their minds through purple hair and wacky clothing. Home décor have also altered from the creamy classic to vibrant contemporary while the lady’s figures have shifted from voluptuous shaping to trim and thin. Be ahead even where wine & dine and bar accessories are concerned with these seamless wine glasses. These crystal clear wine glasses are shaped in a lovely curve with a touch of modesty. The single initial at its centre makes this precious to award as gifts for the groomsmen or bridesmaid. It comes in a set of 4 and will also be a delightful mother’s day gift or even as a memorable fathers gift, especially if he’s a wine lover. As wedding gifts, these seamless wine glasses may also be refreshing for the new couple to sip their first romantic toast!