Wholesale Pub Signs Make The Perfect Unique Groomsmen Gift

One of the most challenging parts of being a groom is coming up with unique, fun, and meaningful gifts to give to your ushers and groomsmen. Not everyone would love a pair of cufflinks, and there are a number of men who would prefer a glass of fine wine to a fancy stein of beer. This can leave many grooms in the lurch, forcing them to choose a gift not everyone would love, or waiting until the last minute and selecting something less than meaningful. Wholesale pub signs present the perfect solution to that difficult dilemma.

Completely Customizable

Many companies offer pub signs for sale that can be customized in nearly any fashion. The groom can choose the size, image, theme, and even wording, creating a unique sign for each groomsman in his party. Opting to go this route also ensures that an equal amount of money is spent on each member of his party, removing any jealousy or other similar issues that may crop up.

Unique Memento

Pub signs, when customized to suit each groomsman and his lifestyle, make for a very unique souvenir from your wedding. He may have a drawer full of items from prior weddings, but a pub sign designed with him in mind is sure to go up on the walls right away. This will serve as a constant reminder of how much his presence in your ceremony meant to you and your bride.

Practical Decorations

Not all gifts have the type of practicality that a pub sign has. Most men would love to decorate a man cave with their favorite things, and a pub sign designed to include prized memories is exactly the thing that will do the trick. Even for men without a space of their own, pub signs, when designed well, can suit nearly any room in the home – even the bedroom.


Wholesale pub signs don’t cost an arm and a leg, and are a welcome addition to a cash-strapped wedding budget. While they may be easy on the wallet, that doesn’t mean they are cheap looking. A well designed pub sign will look like the groom spent hundreds having it designed and created, and buying one wholesale allows the groom to keep the look but remove the high price tag.


Despite rising in popularity as a choice among grooms, pub signs are not the stereotypical groomsmen gift. This makes them a fun surprise. While no one will expect one, all the groomsmen involved will love his fun, thoughtful gift.

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