A First Class Ride for Your Cigar

Personalized Silver Cigar Flask with Black Leather Pouch

Comedian George Burns once said, “I’m at the age now where just putting my cigar in its holder is a thrill.”

Honestly, if George Burns had this silver cigar flask at his disposal, I don’t blame him. I think a refined man of any age would get a thrill out of carrying around this handsome single cigar tube with matching black leather pouch. For less than $50, you’ll make a statement that you’re a man of taste and distinction– an important message to convey in both the business and personal worlds.

Every time you reach for a cigar, you’ll be reminded of how much the person who gave it to you truly cares for you– because, of course, it’s been engraved for that unique touch. Know a man who’s expecting his first child soon? Make that moment of celebrating with his loved ones a time to remember by personalizing his cigar flask with the date of his new baby’s birth. Encourage male camaraderie by purchasing a set for each groomsman in a bridal party.

Whatever the occasion, this gift will be well-received because a good cigar speaks to the heart of what it means to be a man: they’re bold, smooth, and full of flavor. And if you’re buying this item for yourself, remember– your favorite cigar is the gateway to relaxation and bliss. Doesn’t it deserve a proper resting place when it’s not in use?

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