Personalized “Sit n Sip” Cooler

Talk about convenient and a smart idea! The 2-in-1 Sit ‘n Sip cooler/sports stool is a great gift for your favorite best man, groomsman,or sports aficionado. Guys, this “Sit n Sip”  insulated cooler has plenty of room for your beer and snacks AND a portable seat! Also, it has pockets for batteries, keys and all those pocket tools you take for a camping trip.  This Sit”n Sip cooler is great for that trip to the ballgame or ballpark, backyard barbeque or trek. Use it once and you wonder how you went all those years carrying so many things!  Great groomsmen gift for all your groomsmen and, yes, and for her friends as a bridesmaids gift, cuz they go out too! The personalization is just the perfect touch to it! Cheers!

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