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A Traveller’s Guide…

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Many times we travel and realize “Oh, I need a good travel bag’ especially when we scrounge around to find that boarding pass or ticket. Worse is when we dump shillings anywhere and cant seem to find the amount of change we need, lost into that big bag with no separate compartments. More often than not, our gadgets gets virtually missing too, causing the heartbeat to race – right before we find it covered by the knotted jacket. The problem is we do not end up investing on a good travel companion and keep regretting each time.

Once and for all, have this Canvas and Leather Travel Kit as your guide and stay stress free while traveling.
Ample space and zippered front and includes a set of travel sized bottles so you do need to put in and take out those toiletries again and again. Stands Tall on a counter while you check-in and also hangs by a hook and waits for you, while you visit the rest room. It is also monogramed with an initial for you to claim your rights.

Time is Money – Indeed!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Since our toddler days, school has been a medium that teaches us the importance of time through punctuality. Life then shows us lots of ways that Time is indeed Money – or even more.

Scoring by a mere 30 seconds during a contest calls you a winner..

Arriving 2 minutes prior an tragic happening can even save a life..

Clicking a button on your computer missed by a few seconds can lose you a tender..

Giving birth a few minutes earlier or later can alter your stars..
In other words…
Time is a timeless treasure!

As timeless and classic as this Time Piece Money Clip – a luxurious reminder for a luxury we so often forget we own -Time.

To all the Sweethearts of the World.. Happy Women’s Day!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today is International Women’s Day!! A day to remember, cherish and love the women in your lives! Today’s women are stronger, brighter, smarter and visionaries! Coming out of the treasure box hidden for centuries, women now rule – the same way as a man, or even better. ;) Filling in ranks and positions like never before – soaring up in the sky.

However, the simplicity and warmth of a woman’s heart is extraordinarily hers.. which cannot be stolen by any other being. It’s hers alone. The soft corners possessed by a woman for the people she love and towards tender objects and beautiful gifts have remained the same since ‘Mother Theresa‘ times to the ‘Lady Gaga‘ of today!

This is why we would like to dedicate our Sweetheart Jewelry Organizer Box to all the sweethearts of the world – the strong, empowering women, who nonetheless, have beautiful hearts!

Happy International Women’s Day!!

Personalize Your Espresso

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today we shall talk about How to ensure you get sheer pleasure form your espresso – These are tips you need to know even when using the best of high-tech coffee machines!! So, espresso lovers.. read on!

The Art of making drinking coffee into a divine moment is entirely depending on the process. The origin on how you to it is important. On the other hand, as the name suggests, we need express ways to get this delicious drink into a cup.

PREPARATION – Grind the fresh beans; this is a pure method that cannot be missed. Then Adjust the Grind and with expert fingers put in the right amount of coffee into the filter. Never let your eyes stray during this process and ensure the 3 things below are perfect:

– Time

– Temperature

– Pressure

The outcome of your masterpiece lies in the perfection of the above three, so never underestimate ‘human control’ and forgo that for automatic machines.

Finally, PRESENTATION  – How about a Personalized CUP of your own, like our “Personalize your Expresso” Mug?!

Now, Enjoy..!! :)


Sealed with a Kiss – Novelty Wedding Favors

Friday, March 1st, 2013


custom circle wedding cufflinks

Novelty gifts are now a growing trend where the complicated, modern, fast life have made almost everyone a child at heart with a soft corner for humor! Adorable items that make people smile, funny gifts with catchy texts or pictures that gives a warm-hearted feeling to the joyous occasion – the wedding; are looked at with a different angle, today. Where elegant and timeless pieces of tokens have been the choice previously, then gifts that serve function and can come to use took the toll, now Novelty Gift items are also on the rule.

For instance, this Custom Circle Wedding Cuff links – These are not just functional to the owner but also brightens the day (and the attire) giving it a casual, fun, memorable touch. Bearing the traditional wedding couple, in a baby cartoony figure, these cufflinks would steal any heart. And Oh, It’s sealed with a kiss and comes personalized!