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Let the History of Good Times Repeat Itself!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012


 Marriage is not just about the wedding! Both the couples have a permanent responsibility to hold on to their vows and always spice up their relation even after couple of years to follow. What’s the best way to do this despite of their busy routine of getting stuck in their eight hour job a day? Dates with your spouse can be so fun and romantic that cans spice up the marriage despite the years. Rather than doing the same old monotonous thing of dining at a restaurant or watching a movie, why not try something adventurous? Away from the hustle bustle of the city, organize a romantic picnic date underneath the canopy of stars; beach side during the summer, or even at the botanical garden! Rest in each other arms, feel the lap of nature, enjoy being in love again, and this is when you will realize that life is at a slow pace. On such occasions, people normally carry a traditional picnic basket that is loaded with food and drinks. Let’s beat the common picnic norm with this spacious Personalized Picnic Deluxe Cooler that is featured with an insulated interior to keep food and beverages chilled for longer periods. Especially designed with traveling and convenience in mind, its waterproof exterior pocket allows you to store your book, mp3, computers and gadgets freely. Get it personalized to make an outstanding wedding gift, sports gift, and even bridesmaid’s gift that enhances history on good times to repeat itself! 

The Soccer Spirit Hits Them All…

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Everyone in the universe knows about it, talks about it and it does really makes a great conversation starter. Yes, it’s the season of Euro Championship 2012! Not only are the adults, even the kids are getting glued to the television watching this sport that literally unites the nation. They are filled with electric energy and are fully geared up to show the support by wearing their favorite country’s jersey, with strikes of colorful paints on their cheeks.  For those who have so much of interest to watch soccer, usually even possess a greater passion to play the game with their buddies. The game of soccer opens its arms to everyone due to its simple nature that can even be played just for fun! Watching how your juniors run around for the ball, with a great pass and even fabulous kicks on the green pastures are just not enough. Great moments like this are definitely not to be missed! Capture them well with your eyes and camera and take them home with you. Showcase this beautiful time of your child’s life in our Personalized Soccer Frame and it will be able to tell a story of its own.  A very creative gift for the sporty boy and girls as ring-bearer gifts or flower girl gifts and even your groomsmen that will make them feel awarded and even aspire for greater heights!     

Getting Organized starts NOW!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

catch all trayDoes your office desk at home look like a battle zone? Documents are scattered around, until important things seem to be buried deep down under. Many of us have a common habit of loading off things from our pocket carelessly the minute we step home. The locations where we load them off differs everyday, and due to our busy routine we tend to forget where it has been placed. In relation to this matter, Survey indicates that on average people spend 6 minutes searching for their keys in the morning. Numeric “Six” might seem to be a small number, but especially during the morning rush it can save you from being late to work!Introducing our Catch All Tray that can be placed nearby the home entrance door, office desk, bedroom, and even in the car. A functional and yet practical groomsmen gift that allows them to develop a new habit of loading off their things at the designated place. It is featured with four compartments to stash your keys, wallet, phone, and even small change. No more frustration on losing your keys or wallet, because being organized can really make a difference!

Groomsmen Gift for the Tech Lover!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

 We all very well know how tech geeks are dressed. They are commonly characterized with those thick rectangular glasses; quirky imaged t-shirts, and a digital earphone/headset around their neck. Shirt, tie, and cufflinks are definitely out of their style definition! Despite their personality, there are occasions and circumstances that require these geeks to dress up more formally. So why not add a tech style to their formal outfit? Allow them to proclaim their love for technology with our Ultimate Apple-Fan Logo Cufflinks and also express their adherence to Steve up to their sleeve! It is a very rare and unique pair of silver cufflinks with a black colored Apple logo on it that will be truly appreciated by your groomsmen who is a Mac die-hard fan. For you know that “Once you go Mac, you never go back!

Beer- The Brew of Friendship!!

Monday, June 18th, 2012


From the ancient times, beer has always been a drink to celebrate among the boys. It seems that there is an invisible law that conveys that these men are allowed to act all merry and crazy once their face is flushed red with the effect of ounces of beer. From the times when this drink was brewed in barrels until today where the machine sizzles this ‘yellow mellow’ into a beer mug in a club. Beer is still the signature of friendship among the boys!!

Which is why we have introduced yet another beer mug with an additional unique and modern touch. A tall 25ounce mug is made memorable with the phrase “Most Valuable Groomsmen”.  To give it a slight gorgeous touch, we have given you the option of getting it engraved in either gold or silver finish.  So, what are you waiting for… celebrate your night and hangover with style!  Gifts for groomsmen and ushers that is both memorable and fun at the same time.