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The Magic Of A Pill Box..

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Have you ever realized and checked on your facial expression the minute the Doctor is writing you a prescription? Well, many go “Arghh, again medicines!” at the very sight! Generally, medicines are more attached with negative connotations due to its unappealing nature. However, these tiny little pills which form a part of your routine are essential to be taken at the right dose and time, in order for us to recover rapidly. Now, lets bring out something positive out of the fact that we may need to put reminders to have those pills after meals; introducing our Gunmetal Pill Box!

Combining form and function, our Gunmetal Pill Box store medicines and vitamins safely in five different compartments. Medicines which generally look “blah” and boring with their silver coated packages end up looking appealing in this well designed box that signifies elegance and beauty. One can even confidently take it out of a tuxedo pocket or even a ladies handbag, over dinner without having to sulk.

A very thoughtful father in law gift, fathers gift, bridesmaid gift, and even ushers gift for a fun accessory adding up to a generally healthy living!

Personalized Summer Wedding – Oh, So Refreshing!

Friday, May 25th, 2012




The summer season, which runs through the month of May up to September, is known to be the most exquisite time to get married. It could not get more romantic than getting married in an outdoor location; saying “I Do” under the endless sunshine, surrounded with cheerful bright colored flowers and chirping birds. Refreshing Food and Beverage is a must-list for Summer Weddings where mostly instead of tequila shots, Margarita is offered.. instead of hot pasta or sauces, salad and finger foods accompany the main course.Rejoice this exotic season by offering revitalizing drinks to your guests to keep them hydrated and pumped up. Offer your lemonade (with or without the margarita mix) as an entry drink with our Antique Drinking Jar and jazz it up with cut fruit to make it pretty. The best part..? You can even personalize it!!This Antique Drinking Jar that comes in sets of 4 can be engraved with initials and become more exquisite to with a special touch of Gold or Silver. It makes perfect bridesmaid gifts and even wedding gifts that can add so much fun to your summer get together!

A Gift Of A Rose – Tender, Yet Luxurious!

Friday, May 25th, 2012



As the earth laughs in flower, it is assured that no one can resist the beauty of a Rose. A famous quote by Henry Ward Beecher which says “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.” What could be a better gift than capturing the most beautiful creation into a fine, elegant, everlasting 22 K Hand dipped gold or silver plated roseas a form of appreciation to someone who has worked their way up on your special day. Award your bridesmaid who deserves true appreciation from the joy you’re received at your wedding day with our exclusive Hand dipped gold or silver rose. or even an exquisite token to the bride to be.This gorgeous rose will surely be the best way to honor your bridesmaid on your special day as lovely bridesmaid gifts! Also as a unique token as bestmangifts instead of the standard red rose in their pockets.This could be one-of-a-kind, everlasting wedding gift.. just like the love being shared!

Bring Back The Good Old Days.. When Old is Gold!

Friday, May 25th, 2012

 As our elderly always say, “Old is Gold”!  This quote is true where the good old fashion days spending our evening munching excellent grandma’s cinammon baked cake while sipping a warm cup of tea with a dip of lemon is cherished no matter how modern life has become. This vintage fruit company sign would be perfect to suit the fantasy of the good classic memories of old times presented with a modern touch which adds on elegance to any living room or kitchen! Take on your groomsman back to the good old times and let them cherish a life-time memory with this piece of art. A trip back to bygone days to hop up on the unpadded seat of good old memories and take a trip back in time, Priceless isnt it?

Definitely a gift they will always remember! You can also add on a perfect personalized touch for the perfect personalized gift for either Him or Her!