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Limited Time, Unlimited Money!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Does this classic proverb by Benjamin Franklin ring a bell “Remember, Time is Money” What is he trying to convey in this axiom is basically that time is scarce and valuable; as once it has passed you cannot rewind it. It should not be wasted and has to be utilized to the most!! Those who are prosperous and successful in life are those who appreciate the time given to them by doing positive activities.
The clock keeps on ticking, and none of us can stop it! Allow your groomsmen to value their time in the most efficient way and earn bigger bucks in the process!!  This Rectangular Watch Money Clip features a black colored dial watch with no numerical but a sparkling diamond crystal at the twelve point marker making it so exclusive and fine as gifts. Get it personalized and add some colorful ribbons to our gift box to make it a very nostalgic groomsmen gift, father’s gift, business gift.

Travel Cigar Caddy – It’s more than just a BOX!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012


 Are you planning to head out of town to witness your best buddy saying “I DO” on the sandy beach? Having a beach themed wedding reception with a perfect sunset view is what many people dream off.  Wedding day is just the perfect time to do anything you want, as long as you celebrate. Music, wine, and cigar denotes celebration, it is just incomplete without them!

Fill our Personalized Travel Cigar Caddy with your groomsmen favorite cigar brand, and this groomsmen gift will surely make them enjoy during your beach wedding reception. It’s waterproof and airtight making keeping your cigars safe and fragrant! Made of high-tech materials this caddy would protect your expensive cigar from getting crushed or bumped.  Enjoy your cigars fresh wherever you are located!

Mark The Past & Twinkle A New Beginning!!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012


How would you describe a well spent relaxing Sunday? Probably to laze around at home, order in your favorite Pizza, and have a good reading session on the new book you recently purchased. Very often when you are spending that quality time, something or the other tend to interrupt, and you will just grab anything nearby your hand to mark your reading spot.  Many people have the perception on why spend a dollar for a bookmark, when that dollar can be your bookmark? Well, a Bookmark is a reading tool that is luminously designed to mark your reading spot without damaging the book itself, and allows you to resume right from where you left it off, without having to risk of missing even a page!

 Place our Swarovski Crystal Bookmark hanging over the spine of the book, and turn each relaxing reading session to a fun-filled memory. Swarovski crystals are well acknowledged for their superiority in fashion, which makes it a very elegant bridesmaid gifts that will make them smile from ear to ear! Also, a perfect wedding favor or a wedding gift that will twinkle a new beginning in life!