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A Regal Bridesmaid Gift!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012


Make her feel like a Queen and discover royalty with this Regal Jewelery Case.  Any woman’s dream is to be encircled with beautiful things, especially jewelery. This is what makes them so carefully possessive about each and every earring or bracelet. This care is given more abundantly during travel as this is the time their jewelry may break.. and so may their heart. What more can be so fascinating and heart-warming than a man who takes care of his women and of her treasures?!This is why we hand-picked this item for thoughtfully romantic Bridesmaid gifts!

This Regal Ladies Leather Jewelry Organizer comes in 3 classic colors “Classy Black”, “Olive Green” and “Sexy Tan”. Each Organizer is made of top grain Nappa Leather and secretly reveals 7 cushion ring slots, 2 earring bars, 2 scoops, 4 divided compartment, and a bracelet drawer!

Groomsmen Gifts – “Down Memory Lane”

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012


Memories – whats in there, no one would know. Its the only place that stores all secrets, snapshots of moments so unforgettable that it dwells deep within.

Memories – stronger than tide or storm; keeps coming back and bringing one in wishful thinking “Wow, I wish we were there, again”.

Memories – Unshared thoughts that can come about at anytime, any place.. It doesn’t know time, it has no decency of withdrawing even during the busiest moments; Memories – they come as they please.

Special thanks to the visible and physical.. these memories can be captured; Caught at a moment of impulse, stolen to be locked forever in one photograph, picture, trinket or object. The frozen smile, the laugh in mid-air, the giggle about the burst, the places visited,the souvenirs, the beautiful moments shared….  can be stored within the heart or even in this dark wood ethnic box.

A special Groomsmen Gift to help him go down memory lane…………

Add in a memorable quote and personalize with his name!