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“Groomsmen Gifts – Organized and Stylish Travel”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

During the wedding almost everyone has their personal belongings packed and kept away safely and perfectly. All the traveling tips will be announced, and correct packing never misses the list! The bridesmaid has her things packed in a pretty little travel jewelry purse and the bride probably has her own organizer fit for the queen. This is also true for the mothers who are normally very prim and prop anyway. So, who’s left out? The groomsmen, usher, best man, father..the boys!

A tie rolled up like a sock and a cuff-link stashed away deep under that duffel is what “organizing” means to them. After that drunken night, the next hangover day, they probably wont even remember where which essential item is kept.

Ensure that your groomsmen and ushers, also your best man and father in law come to the wedding, perfect head-to-toe; that too hassle-free! With this Deluxe Leather Tie Case, they can! Crafted of Top Grain Nappa Leather, it features a gold toned hanger for easy storage in the cupboard, leather straps to hold 6 of their ties and a free zippered pouch for cuff links, stud sets and other small fashion pieces.

Who says boys don’t need to be well-prepared and primed?!! Traveling, Packing, Unpacking, Organizing should be stress-free for them, too!

“One More Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea”

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Yet another unique add-on to woo your groomsmen.. this time its Simple, Classy and also slightly Chic..

Take a guess, what does it look like? Yes, its definitely a watch.. but there’s no wristband or chain.  Some of you may have guessed correct and the others have probably tried zooming and rotating and messed up the answers. Well, this unique piece of art is also a money clip! It’s functional in 2 different ways, it looks elegant, plus its silver!!! What else could your groomsmen ask for?! Not to forget it can also be engraved….

The best part is this makes amazing gifts for also the father or father in law; this way you present everyone with the same gift (and avoid jealous glances) and stay stress free. You might want to engrave different initials and messages to make each gift personal. Another option is to box them and have them tied with different ribbons. For instance, blue ribbon for all ushers and gold ribbon for father.

Another reason why this product was featured is because of its price.. Oh La La.. so reasonable its unbelievable! This Silver Watch Money Clip can be presented just so or paired up everyone’s favorite liquor bottle for an extra perk-up! A box of rich chocolates with a matching ribbon will also do if you prefer everyone to be straight.

So, do not forget to list this as one of the options for great groomsmen gift ideas this season!!

Great Minds Game Alike!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Gaming has never been without rules or tricks! Dice, the oldest gaming tool with so many superstitions attached to it such as try-outs, prepping the dice, warming them, blowing on them, and some even try to compute the chances when they are on a streak. This can actually create an intense and unhealthy situation on the table! So, how can one avoid this? Don’t you think that these dice ought to have a cool vehicle to transport them to the gaming table? Like how karma is, when you do good you get good, “dice that are indulge well, treats you well, perhaps good fortune?”

As complementary goods to the dice, this classy leather Personalized Dice Cup is just perfect for the high roller players. They would love the attractive silver toned engraved plaque that would make the act of shaking the dice more dynamic. Suitable as corporate gifts, groomsman gift, fathers gift or bestmangifts; for the guy who like to take his chances on lady luck every once in a while. Roll it in style!

Go Dodgers!!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

 LA loves their famous baseball team and so do you! There’s a Dodger match this upcoming week? When baseball is back, it is a great opportunity to throw a bash by watching the Dodger’s game with your buddies who are all geared up in the Dodger’s jersey, accompanied with chilled beers, and not to forget our special Dodgers Baseball Bottle Opener. And there you are, all set to scream out loud, Lets Go Dodgers! Make yourself a part of the Dodgers family with this astounding bottle opener that features the Dodgers logo on it, and what makes it original is the fact that it is crafted from a genuine baseball bat wood used during the MLB games, which is setting it apart with its distinctive MLB hologram. This limited piece makes a perfect sports gift for men, fathers’ gift, best man gifts, and also groomsmen gift.  Flaunt your team’s pride with this opener wherever you are!