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“When is the best time to hand out Groomsmen Gifts”

Monday, September 12th, 2011


The one question most commonly comes to the Groom’s mind is when is just the perfect time to give out his thank you tokens. There is no ONE answer here that is correct! Actually a good consideration would be the gift item itself; i.e., what is being presented.

If you are handing your ushers a sports beer mug with some saucy images and words, the reception is probably not the best place to pick to distribute your gifts. The bachelor party will be much more ideal. Now in the case of presenting them engraved cuff links, the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception would be a fine and classy way, added with a big hug and smile.

On the other hand, if you’re afraid the wedding chores would bog you down and you might forget, setting each personalized gift at their table is a quiet and elegant way to give out your gifts.

P.S – Do not forget your small thank you notes (pref. handwritten) attached to the gifts, if you decide to opt for displaying your gifts at the table.

“The Pool Player Groomsmen boasts his hobby on his wall”

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Is your groomsmen a pool player? It must be rather difficult to find a gift dedicated to this sport; it’s not like billiard themed gifts are easy to find.I mean there are no accessories dedicated to this sport except for colorful numbered balls and a billiard stick; of course there has to be more unique ideas!!

Let us do the thinking.. all you need to worry about is selecting and purchasing. With the vintage craze we have incorporated a pool player’s dream into a weather-beaten canvas print, featuring a classic fence post background and retro colored balls to add a soothing, old-fashioned touch creating this “Personalized Rustic Billiards Canvas Print“.

This can also be awarded as man cave gifts! Watch how this small canvas sign make a standard man cave fit for a night of fun, cheer and beer with good old buddies!!

This may also be an attractive decor piece for any Pool-themed Wedding.

“When the Groomsmen get tough, the tough Gifts gets going- Man cave gifts”

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


We have been all about fine watches, engraved cuff links, personalized pens, handsome wallets and other rich & elegant gifts for groomsmen and ushers.

What if the groomsmen don’t “do” elegant..? What if they are rowdy, loud, chilled out and are proud of it??!

Yes, there is the reception etiquette and no matter how gangly, the groomsmen WILL be prim & proper; but isn’t it too much to expect them to like gifts that are not a part of them?

So, what is the groom to do?? Every groom would expect a fine wedding with flowers and cuff links and studs and ties and frosted wedding cake.. the other “fun” stuff are reserved only for the bachelor night. Well, the answer is man cave gifts! These kind of gifts are great mancave additions like personalized man cave signs, bar accessories crafted in unique & sexy designs, coasters in groovy macho or sport prints, Sport or Beer Pong themed beer mugs, etc.

As you can see these items will win the heart of the tough groomsmen and put the groom’s mind at ease as they certainly not really as rude as a bag of flavored condoms!! ;P