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“Bright Ideas come Anywhere, Anytime”

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Creative minds know no boundaries! At the will of it’s own power it may suddenly come up with great ideas, which might never have been the case even when sitting hours in thinking. In the car, at a meeting or even during a movie date – the next brainstorming plan may hatch anytime, any place! To add on, who knows where these bright ideas will lead to in future….

So, what to do when these writer’s creative attack come? With the technological world phones and small devices are always around.. but aren’t they almost all the time prone to the disease called “Low-Battery”. Like an overused body, many times these devices get “sick” on us, leaving those ideas unattended.. and the next day gone with the wind.

A traditional Note jotter or Organizer may seem old-fashioned but the only savior in these circumstances. Check out our latest Leather Note Jotter n Organizer which not only has a “to-do” list but also pockets for ID’s.

These are also a great way to say thanks to your groomsmen or bridesmaid and make really functional personalized gifts.

“A Gift for the Smoker is Not all that Hazardous”

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The “No Smoking” sign labels buses, trains, malls, stops,restaurants and many other public places like a decorative piece of art that serves as a reminder to the already known fact to smokers. Of course, there are those who need these constant “no-nos”.

It seems due to this negative impact created, people tend to forget that there are smokers too..and what ever happened to the birth right to vote or choose??!  I mean, smokers KNOW its hazardous, dirty glances looking their way each time they take a puff wont stop the addiction. They too are bound, like many of us, to a habit.. like biting nails or alcohol.

This is why apart from safe items like sports gifts, golf gifts or even cigar humidors which we manage to market without a wince, we have introduced this Cigarette Case with Silver Ashtray set, dedicated to the smoker. A caring personalized message “love your lungs” or “I love you -so take care” might work as a sweet reminder for them to reduce or even finally quit smoking.

Lord knows, other ways never worked!

Note that this also looks great amongst the other masculine stuff in your groomsman’s  man cave.