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Groomsmen Style in Check

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Howdy?! Groomsmen Style in check??That sleek hair’s combed back and the tie is fixed tight.. Clad in that perfectly ironed Tuxedo, the Groomsman makes his move. It’s no more the Bride and her bouquet or even the groom with his shy grin.. its the groomsmen in the center of attention and the piece of action judged by the guests.Well-dressed and all elegant, helpful and ever-giving, Busy yet friendly… is still not enough without the right accessory collection. Check those cuffs for loose cuff links.. tip: A studded or one with initials never fails to woo! Shoes shiny like never before, wallets slim and leathery, (no spilling bills or currency please!!), a money clip that does not look like it’s stolen from the great grandfather (Always go for the latest stylish ones),a personalized watch that does not only tell the time but shouldn’t fail to attract women from grasping your wrists (wink)…Thanks to our most elegant pieces of men accessory and grooming as well as stylish essentials like money clips, watches, cuff links, etc.. the groomsmen need not wait to receive gifts to look smart and trendy!

A Happy Heart & Mind –> Productivity! New Executive Gifts!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


Executive gifts used to be something serious and of pure function sometime ago, making these items not so popular in the world of gift-giving and normally making the list only to be given to those career-driven people or the the brides father.

Well… the good news is these gifts like wallets, card holders, desk accessories,etc are coming in in wild vibrant colors like you have never imagined – red, purple, yellow! As these retro colors changed the designation of many designers in the fashion industry, the same way it invaded the interior decorating market as well as (to our benefit) executive gifts.

Many of these items come sin interesting designs to give a little playful touch to the otherwise somber atmosphere at the office or meeting table. A Happy Heart & Mind leads to more productivity is proven more reliable with the introduction of these items.  For instance, a crystal desk accessory shaped in an apple design make business more scrumptious.

So add these trendy executive gift items to your list of father’s gift ideas, groomsmen present ideas and even as bridesmaid gifts!

Vintage Gifts for your Groomsman

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


Classy, stylish, fashionable and Prim and Proper is outdone by good old shabby, tattered-torn and dog-eared fashion. The Vintage style is Back with a vengeance!!  Retro items from the past, antique decor pieces or weather-beaten pub signs are being considered as gifts for the groomsmen and even as wedding gifts. A lot of french style couture and English classic art is incorporated into many products creating a scream of fans hurdling into this fetish.

Don’t hold back when it comes to your groomsmen and usher gifts and bring in Vintage themed items as options in your list. If a tattered looking wallet is not something you would give thought to, something with a little bit more personal value like a vintage pub sign can be both traditional and memorable.. also tasteful and unique. Oh yes, these blast from the past items are also perfect for the man cave!

Pirate-Themed Gifts – the latest treasure!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Aye Aye Captain!! Here comes the latest treasure from the deepest seas – Pirate-themed gifts! Scary skulls on flags, black eye patches and dog-eared treasure maps are roaming the market with a wild fever.T.shirts, key holders, mugs, personalized pub signs, sports bags and many other useful daily items are decorate with these sizzling pirate prints and pictures. Why not add this to your list of groomsmen gift ideas?A favorite pick is this Traditional Pirate Cabin Pub Sign as this is also a saucy man cave gift! With a backdrop of a weather beaten treasure map, it gives a vintage look to any man cave. It can also be personalized with the name of your buddy or even father in law with name and year established.