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Choosing your Groomsmen – Family or Friends?

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Now that the proposal and sugar sweet engagement days are getting over, it’s time for hard work! Preparing the wedding is not going to be easy and that is why groomsmen or ushers and the best man is selected. Numerous times, a groom gets confused on who is priority for these roles.. family members who are blood related or friends who’ve always had his back! Stop the guilt trip right there and read these 3 short tips:

1. Disciplined & Responsible – Yes, you may feel like you’re acquiring a candidate for a post in an office but wedding chores may get really tiresome. A groomsmen who’s responsible would not need constant reminders and will always be there to help.

2. Bond – This does not necessarily mean direct brothers or cousins or choosing only life-long friends; but a friend you just met at work may have an equal chance if you and him connect heart-to-heart!

3. The bride’s family - This is not a must but picking out one member from the bride’s family (her brother perhaps) is a great way to build a stronger family tie.

Whatever the case, you and you alone hold the right to pick out your groomsmen and best man.. and of course don’t forget to thank them with carefully selected personalized gifts!!