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Time to Save!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Let’s reminisce the old times when we used to save money in a piggy bank. With coins hidden in our small,grubby palms, the bank was a treasure – so close to our hearts. The soaring feeling each time the loud jingle of falling coins accumulated on the floor, every time the bank was opened, is a feeling so unbeatable – not even by the number of zeros in our bank statement. To actually have a pink piggy bank in our room today may drive our dates away. So, here comes our Greek Pine Wood Bank in exclusive white, personalized with unique Greek letters. Awarded as usher gifts or bridesmaid gifts, these not only help save some chillers but also decorate a living room with contemporary style!

“Enter the Mancave” – no frill area!

Monday, April 11th, 2011


There is ONE similar aspect in the male species which doesn’t differ whether a man is young or old! A salesperson with his tight tie dreams of it;a poet with his soft words is led to its controversial desire; a husband with a lovely wife and 3 kids is drawn to it; and the single college boy next door probably already has it! Its the  need for some macho fun and to make it happen, his very own MAN CAVE! A place where the salesman can loosen his tie, the poet can disappoint his fans and the married man can do something more than just pleasing his family. We get this! That is why we have a range of Man Cave gift items for the best man or groomsmen in the forms of rocking vibrant pub signs, cheerful beer steins, saucy coasters, etc. Anything you may need to make your “special” area free from the frills and touches of a feminine hand!!