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Customized Humidors – where a cigar lover gets everything!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


There was a time when a cigar lover would receive the ordinary cigar cutter or simple wooden humidor as a gift to make their day. Cigars itself have been popular to award these cigar aficionados! Little do we know that every cigar lover would already have a favorite cigar brand and stay loyal to it and have probably collected a dozen of cigar accessories from unlimited family members and friends. It’s time to realize that a cigar lover probably have other hobbies and fancies as well. This realization hit us and inspired us to create these customized cigar humidors. If you want to pick up a humidor for him, go ahead.. at least personalize it with something else he loves and decorate it with his name and date. Customized cigar humidors come in beautiful prints in an assortment of hobbies, sports or persona. Imagine a father who smokes cigars for fun and devotes his Sundays to golf.. why choose either or…?? Present him with a humidor designed in a vibrant golf print personalized with his name..! perfect isn’t it?? Well, now every cigar lover can get it all!!

Wedding Gifts for Young Couples

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


Shocking as it was to hear my best buddy getting married at the age of 22, mixed emotions of joy and pride led me to aid him all the way. The decor, buffet,outfit, date, favors, everything was brainstormed together. I mean, that’s what a real friend is for right?! Then came the part where I needed to select the wedding gift for the couple… which of course I had to do alone. Browsing through wedding sites made me queasy and led to a spinning headache. With all the hearts and candles, the wine glasses and kitchen accessories, with all the romantic room decor and frames, I just couldn’t figure out what was suitable as wedding gifts for young couples. . I couldn’t see my young buddies amongst these personalized wedding gift items. During the course of helping him find groomsmen gifts, my eyes fell on these Personalized camouflage flasks; a drinking flask in a cool army print which also comes in pink! Voila…! I knew I found the perfect wedding gift for my fun, crazy buddy and his sporty wife to be! :)

Coaster Evolution

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Coasters… make a kitchen complete, gives company to wine glasses, great additions to a bar. Could it have an entry permit at the office? Could it be presented as gifts to the male species without receiving an awkward uneasy thank you in return?

Coasters have evolved from the basic plastic floral printed ones to a mega collection of other materials and designs, thereby making them less of a pantry necessity and welcomed into the world of gifts… brace yourself, even for men. Just as the crystal clear glass coasters maneuvered into pubs and home bars, as the theme based printed coasters aroused people’s hobbies, leather coasters found their way into the halls of offices and other male dominated areas. As the base for coffee mugs, glasses of water or bottled drinks, leather coasters also blend very well with the office furniture or other rooms decorated in a masculine way. This is why it is no more taboo to give out personalized coasters as gifts for groomsmen or ushers; in fact the change is functional and refreshing.