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Friday, February 11th, 2011

As an infant, first word recognitions revolve around two words, “mama” and the name blessed to the infant himself. As we grow, the name becomes a part of us so strong that even if we were called out in deep sleep, we would jump out of the bed in response. The name gets carved into hearts and no matter what the language or meaning, we belong to the name as much as the name belongs to us.
These Alphabet cufflinks is a silent reminder of our name and becomes a pride for the owner, where he is stylishly reminded of his very own being.  Present these as Christmas gifts for the special men in your life and prove that as much as you adore your name and initial, he loves his just as much…or if not more!!

The Tree Of Love

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Those teen years are still fresh in my head.. filled with love, new joy, giddiness and excitement for the slightest of things. Carving ones love on trees, school walls, rocks at the park and even on the sand was a joy so complete and real. Today, as Life takes over matters in its own hand and Time whips us to keep on going, those days are forgotten.. and that laughing teenager is represented by a serious man with duty on his shoulders. When I spotted this Tree Of Love Sign, the boy in me was rekindled and the very image of me and my girl (now beloved wife) running in the meadow promising our love got captured. Valentine’s is coming up and straying away from the jewelery I’m going to give her something to remember our good old days..the days when love was a shy promise, carved on barks of tress….

8 Top Functional Valentine Wedding Favors

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Love is in the air.. so why not mark the calendar with a double celebration for the 14th of February?! Now, that everything from the bride’s dress, decor, buffet, etc is settled, time to select wedding favors for the guests. As tempting as it may be to give out heart shaped candies in a heart box with a red ribbons, you might want to hold the idea in respect to the single guests or even people who are not all that ‘valentine friendly’. So, here are our top 8 pick for valentine wedding favors that wont make your guests make squirming faces:

1. Wine Stopper: Wine and its accessories already give out a romantic feeling on its own. Pick out a silver heart wine stopper to add a more romantic feel to it.

2. A paper weight: Something as functional as this may be considered bland for a valentine wedding; but not if its in the shape of a heart and its a shiny silver one or even in crystal!

3. A key holder: These too come in many lovely heart shape with silver tags and polished to shine.

4. A plush bath robe: Yup! They would love it, personalize it with the bride and groom’s initials next to a thank you phrase.

5. A mouse pad: You need not get anything too mushy.. A simple, plain mouse pad in a vibrant red shade could be something refreshing to receive.

6.  A pad folio/Notebook: Include messages of love in each of the first pages and wish them a love filled year ahead.

7. Red stoles for the lady and red socks for the men: This is cute and usable.

8. Chocolates: Okay, alright its an option! Be careful to avoid the heart shaped ones in red glittered packages. Choose a brand of delicious Dark Chocolate (which is not only healthier but more romantic) and get it wrapped in black paper, simply add a small red ribbon.

5 reasons why you can substitute “an apple a day” to “a glass of wine a day..”

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

 5 in 1 Wine Set with Box

1.    Memory enhancer and Heart caretaker: Wine helps prevent cloths and inflammation which are linked to cognitive issues and also has heart health benefits. Research proved that women who drank a glass of wine every day had better memory in their late 70’s compared to women who didn’t.
2.    Keep in shape: People who drink wine daily have lower body fat and slimmer waist lines than the occasional drinkers… especially when compared to people who consume other types of alcohol and liquor.
3.    Fight diseases: In a British study, a glass of wine (or even half a glass) each day reduces the risk of getting infected by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the main cause of gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancers.
4.    Save that Ovary: One glass of wine per day seems to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%! This was an Australian study done on women with ovarian cancer compared to woman with healthy ovaries.
5.    To enjoy: Why so serious?? Drink wine to enjoy its flavor, its scent, celebrate its beautiful romantic nature and enjoy!!

Featuring our “5 piece wine set in wood box” for the ultimate in wine gifts. Personalize the elegant wooden box, pair it up with a fine bottle of wine and present it as a special and functional gift for the wine lover! Drink wine, be merry, stay healthy!

Note: the above report is based on a “moderate amount” consumed daily.