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Work or Party? Why not both…?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Black and Silver Mixed Cufflinks

Go to that party with style… even if it is straight from work!! This unique square shaped cuff link is smoothly polished and purposefully carfted with a 2 in 1 design to suit office attire or even a formal party wear. Numerous times people worry about going to a party on a weekday, mainly as they need to rush home and get all dressy.. Chances are the word “tired” will still be written all over thier faces.

Relax, Grab some coffee.. Get fresh with splashes of cold water, suit up and pop these cuff links, smooth back that hair with some wet gel and glide your way to that party as if you actually left home dressed for the occasion!!

“You Go, Girl!!”

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Say your supportive words to the bride through a gift that is not too fancy or romantic but through this unique “Go girl – Goin to the chapel water bottle”. She may be blonde or red haired, smooth and fair or dark and glowing, with tresses long or short.. tell her she’s the most beautiful bride in the world, by picking out a “go-girl” that resembles her the most!! Personalized with her name in savvy curvy letters for the perfect girly touch…

These go-girl water bottles also come in sensational prints of go-girl swimmer, golfer, yoga-fan, hiker, runner or even shopper. With this, the search for the ONE perfect token for bridesmaid gifts also ends here; as you can present each special supporting lady with a gift truly personalized just for her!

Merry Christmas & A great new year to all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Special thanks to our loyal customers… We have been proud to serve many in the form of prompt deliveries and warm customer service. We have melted hearts and brought smiles through our personalized gifts.We have made weddings easier to manage for the bride & groom. We have helped to make each celebration memorable. We have made bonds stronger. We have been a subtle part of the specially shared moments between family and friends during gift giving. Every phone call, every email, each order.. may seem like a general business transaction.. but somehow it has been a special transfer of joy, love, hope & promise.. We enjoyed each journey and hope to encounter many more…

We hope to strive harder this new year and passionately present our valued customers with MORE gift items that are always, PERSONALIZED, straight from the heart!! This is our promise.. our dedication!

The History Of Cufflinks

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Vermeil Stud Design Cufflinks

Curiosity on how these fashionable jewelry became a hit led me to some digging and research, to find these little interesting facts on the history of Cufflinks! Well, it all started with the mere solution to not dipping clothing sleeves into thier wine or soup, men between 1738-1820 became obsessed with their very own version of Cufflinks called “Cuff Button”. At that time, they were made of precious metals, decorated with valuable stones or even fully designed of crystals. These pieces of luxury were only ‘reserved’ for the rich as the ordinary people could not afford it. After the 60’s revolution of the XIX Century, things changed and these buttons were made of cheaper metals and even polished in gold or silver. In 1882, George Krements invented a mass producing machine for cufflinks and therefore these small but attractive men jewelry became a fashion trend, still up and running till today!

Another provoking fact was during the XX Century, Cufflinks were considered a gift of sheer luxury and esteem. For instance, the Russian Empress, Maria Feodorovna arranged for cufflinks shaped like cicadas by faberge, when she was challenged to present a beautiful, unique, solid thing.

Wow, this sure does perk up a desire to own more cufflinks or even consider personalized cufflinks as a solid, luxurious gift to present to the people we care about!