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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010


As newcomers in the city, we had succeeded in winning hearts with the decor of our house. The lush curtains matched the rover sofas, while the dark wood furniture gave away a luxurious, sensual air. The huge TV screen at the center of the living room was accompanied with a crisp sound system and decorated with orange fire streaks for its backdrop. Each candle was in place and every cutlery shone in the pantry. Amongst all these plush, I personally wanted an area of fun. Somewhere I can be myself and a place that transforms anyone entering the room into a ball of cheer and craziness. That’s when I spotted this Game Room Art Print and something pressed inside me. With a click, I purchased this Wall Art, already creating images of how this corner room would be. Today, this Game Room Wall art boasts its existence at the front entrance of our favorite place at home. We call it the “Nutty Room”…  This room has a mini bar, a small pool table, a poker table, soft sofas, a TV set with a collection of home videos and beloved all timers. It is the most favorite place for the family and the ONLY place guests run into, when entering our home.

Beauty VS Brains

Monday, December 20th, 2010


There are tons of gifts for the beautiful, all smiles girl in your life. There are also sports gifts for the adventurer little cat. Executive gifts hit the target with ladies who have a soaring career. Bar accessories for the wine lover, jewelry for the feminine, fragrances for the perfume fan, travel wallets for the frequent flyer, Organizers for the workaholic, etc…. but how about the woman with both beauty and brains?! To get either or means settling to one side of her and therefore it can’t really be called “the perfect gift’ can it? That’s when this shimmery crystal studded pendant caught my eye which is actually a USB in disguise… Just like my girl! A programmer by profession, she has the looks and style of a model and this 4GB Studded USB Flash Drive and Pendant is just perfect for her! I found her the Christmas gift that will satisfy her smarts and also look beautiful on her neck!