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Up-to-date Wine and Bar accessories

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4
The ordinary wine glass styled in an elegant curve with a long stem is probably so near and dear to many that it’s almost forgotten that other options do exist. In the era of modern living where standing out from the crowd is so important, people go all the way to speak their minds through purple hair and wacky clothing. Home décor have also altered from the creamy classic to vibrant contemporary while the lady’s figures have shifted from voluptuous shaping to trim and thin. Be ahead even where wine & dine and bar accessories are concerned with these seamless wine glasses. These crystal clear wine glasses are shaped in a lovely curve with a touch of modesty. The single initial at its centre makes this precious to award as gifts for the groomsmen or bridesmaid. It comes in a set of 4 and will also be a delightful mother’s day gift or even as a memorable fathers gift, especially if he’s a wine lover. As wedding gifts, these seamless wine glasses may also be refreshing for the new couple to sip their first romantic toast!

Chilled beer and Poker Night

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Personalized Sports Mug

Poker night have just becoming a tad more interesting with these Personalized Sports mugs! After slogging all week at work, Friday is the day of the week everyone waits for. Since me and my buddies received these personalized Sports Mug as usher gifts, we had made a deal to meet up once a week and celebrate with our sole chilled beer mugs. Since then, no one has ever missed poker night! It may seem like a small addition to our entertainment, but somehow the clinking of these mugs as we cheer adds up to our bond and brings us back to relive that great moment at our friends’ wedding, where we were given these personalized groomsmen gifts.

Mancave Coaster Set

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Mancave Coaster

I’m a male in a feminine surrounding and I love it! This ivory cream bar has been here for years and each tinkling shiny wine glass is my friend. I was distributed as a grooms gift at a wedding last year and I’m still here ever since. I do have fellow plain silver and leather buddies but I’m proud to say I’m the favorite during the famous parties my master throws. I add a nice touch to their tall beer glass and play my part well even if I’m eavesdropping on their loud chitter chatter. Anyway my non-skid base makes me feel secure and I hardly ever shift from my position. I also know why I’m loved so much is because when the party is over, I don’t need to be washed. A simple wipe clean move and I rest in my mahogany finished slotted holder, back at the bar, and waiting for the next party. I’ve been whispering little secrets about groomsmen present ideas, so I can have more personalized coasters as friends at this bar!