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Money On Your Cuffs

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Poker Chip cufflinksPoker fan or not, having a $100 chip on your cuffs is sure to make you feel rich and adventurous. In Vegas, no man is standard… No man is boring… No man is alone. You can’t keep visiting the city of fun and thrill to add some spice into your life, so simply bring your excitement to whichever party you go to and feel anything but ordinary. Create a sensational atmosphere with each handshake or lure beautiful women each time you offer them a drink. It is simply too irresistible for anyone not to give a second glance at your cuffs with this “Welcome to Las Vegas” $100 poker chip cufflinks.
Bring out that sexy black suit or suede sports jacket, sleek your hair with some wax, slip into newly polished Italian shoes and don’t forget to slide in these cufflinks for your final touch. Stand out from the crowd and feel like the king of poker. 

Father in Law Gift – The Token of Respect & Promise

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Vinatge Jazz Lunge Pub sign
As former president Bill Clinton rejoices for the upcoming wedding of dearest first daughter Chelsea Clinton with Marc Mezvinsky, we are here breaking our head to figure out what would be the ultimate father in law gift for a man of such deference. With Marc on his toes trying to please dear father in law, we can imagine that most son in laws (to be) break into cold sweats when dealing with “The” in law; especially if it matches up to the persona carried by our esteemed former president Bill Clinton.

Being in the spot light during his eight year presidency, spiced up with the hot sex scandal in between, it’s quite interesting that his hobbies received some sophisticated attention as well. It is quite well-known that he loved to read as well as play the saxophone. This rang a bell in our head as we recalled our Personalized Jazz Lounge Sign, which comes in either vintage or framed in dark cherry wood. We can imagine the proud smile in the handsome Clinton face as he receives this meaningful token from the groom.

Father in law gifts are a little tricky to choose, however, if you limit your options to gifts that are valuable in esteem, elegance and respect, you just won’t go wrong. It’s always a plus to pick out something of his hobby in order for the gift to be more thoughtful. My favourites are the exclusive putter set, Humidors, Money Clips, Swiss Army Knives, stud sets  and many more