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A Humble Tribute to our bold Yankees owner “George Steinbrenner”

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Yankee Stadium Ballpark PenFor more than three decades, George Steinbrenner, the proud Yankees owner, strived to build the Yankees into champions until his sudden demise at the age of 80. Under his reign, the Yankees won seven World Series championships, 11 American League pennants and 16 AL East titles. He was a perfectionist and always aimed for the stars and was therefore never afraid of behaving ruthlessly. It was later on, when his players, his management team and fans understood the soft heart he had within. His navy blue blazer and white turtleneck was his trademark attire and conveyed unwavering confidence and success. He had a famous sign on his desk that said: “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”, which portrayed the defying, determined man that he was. Our Personalized Yankee Stadium Ballpark Pen is our humble tribute to our dear Yankee owner. Handcrafted from salvaged wood from genuine ‘Yankee Stadium Seats and engraved ‘Yankee Stadium’ and the number of years the stadium existed (1923 – 1973). It comes packaged in a memorable gift box and with a certificate of authenticity. So, what are you waiting for? The best moment to cherish your memory as a Yankee fan is at your fingertips!

Dangerous Style!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Keep your friends close…And your enemies closer” ‎​dialogue by Vito Corleone . As quoted by the famous Godfather actor, this line became a classic motto for the mafia and underground gangsters. Clad in Suede overcoats, smoking their pipes, strolling into Italian restaurants with their sexy mistresses. Somehow, our Nappa Grain Leather Magnetic Clipis a vicious reminder from the adventurous 60’s and their infamous players. If we could see through their tainted pockets we would see this notorious Leather Clip holding their dirty cash and unlimited credit cards. Of course, along with their loaded guns! It may be an immense desire at times to want to live up to the so called “mafia” role. But the thoughts of killing with no wince of expression on your face may be a little too much for reality. Well, the good news is you don’t need the sizzling hot looks to feel sassy, and definitely not the skill to murder. You can always dress to kill. All you need is this money clip inside your suit pocket to experience the life of a dangerously glorified mafia.

The Life of a Cufflink

Friday, July 9th, 2010

36 pair Cufflink Collector's Case

I was born in a luxurious velvet box and was brought home from the store with such care. I was then cradled by my owner for the very first time, on his birthday. That was the end of my cherished life. Withholding that beautiful memory, I spent my life rolling front and back of a drawer with my master’s command. Each time he drew out a tie in haste, I would flip and fall to the floor till the very next day; (More like after the hangover period). There was in a short period of my life, where I miserably spent staked on top of my fellow cufflinks , in a shoe box! However, my misery ended the very day, another precious item was brought in. Me and my friends were tenderly picked up one at a time and arranged in a dashing, organized box. I smile with pride each time my owner lifts me up and wears me to a party. I then, come back home to my resting place, comfortable and snug. Never have I fallen again or left lost alone at the end of a dark drawer. I have been privileged with my home for a long time now and new friends keep adding up, as our residence has lots of space for newcomers. Today, we are the perfect 36 pairs of Cufflink Collectors Case, living together as a family!

Shield – Most Valuable Person Award

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Most Valuable Person shieldSilent on my bedroom wall for decades, today my shield speaks to me. As I look at it, for the first time, alone, I’m transcended back to the “high” I felt the night my best friend awarded this to me. She was getting married and I was a lovely, young bridesmaid by her side. It makes me remember the big bright smile she had throughout the ceremony; the smell of the flowers, the warm delicious food and how I’m was almost giddy with the wine. It seemed like just yesterday when in fact it was ages ago. She’s no more but her existence is still felt. My career grew and I became busy studying the art of being a wife and mother and juggler too… Today, as time has stolen away all hectic moments, here I am speaking to my shield. We share a secret language no one understands and truly recognize each other’s joy of union. When I received this token, I was blushing just like my best friend; the bride. She, who always knew how to live a full, beautiful life and was skillful in making people feel wanted and worthy. Wherever she may be, she is close… as my “Most Valuable Shield” is always with me! 

Classic Swiss SD Black Army Knife

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Swiss Army Knife Classic SD BlackI am not a dangerous hunter and I’m not a brave part of the army. I am not much of an outdoor fan or Survivalist and don’t know much about endurance or rescue. Yet, a part of me is pulled with attraction and longing when I spotted this original Victorinox classic pocket tool. It’s plain intense black shade and little compact size was enough to draw my attention and I begin to imagine it cradled on my palm with pride. My fantasies run wild and the thought of having this classic Swiss Army Knife secretly stashed away in my pocket or daily brief, somehow transforms my average ordinary self into a valiant young being.
Reality busts in as I purchased my vivid dream; with every step I take I’m no more the common man who walks to work and hate Mondays. I’m no more the loser who’s late for a date or comes into the restaurant drenched in the rain. Moreover, I don’t need to apologize for not having the “right” tool needed at a particular time. A Blade for survival, a screw driver for sudden show of carpentry skill, tweezers for impulsive hair growth, a pair of scissors to aid awkward moments, a key ring in case I’m too drunk to find my keys, a toothpick for before the goodbye kiss.

I’m more than a hunter, I fight like a man from the army, I’m a survivor, and I’m the man who has it all…!!