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Kick… Pass… Kick… GOAL…!!!! Welcome FIFA World Cup 2010!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The FIFA World Cup2010 fever has spread about nations all around the world. Each team has its own share of votes and fans in this long-awaited international football tournament. This is the first time the tournament is being held in an African nation and millions of people from all backgrounds are at the edge of their seats with every match. As the audience crowd shriek out loud and cheer their team, fans gather in groups to watch the matches in cozy homes or loud cafés. This is your one moment to declare your loyalty to your team and show off your devotion separate from jerseys and mugs. Our Traditional Soccer Hat-Trick Pub Sign can be personalized to your name or the name of your favorite player. Gloss printed directly into a rich cherry wood finish base, it is sure to stand out in the wall of your video room or game room. As you entertain guests or gather to watch the matches with friends, eyes of envy will surely dawn upon your personalized pub sign. Need a special gift this season? Why not consider this Soccer Hat-Trick Pub sign for football fans that are just as devoted as you are? 


Florence Cigar Humidor

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Relaxing on a soft, velvet couch in a dimmed vintage café, with a dark burgundy bottle of wine lying next to me makes me drown in my own world of relaxation and illusions. My exotic fantasy is shared with a crisp Cuban Cigar linked between my fingers. Of course, with each breath-taking inhalation I realize this cigar has been given it’s rightfully share of a perfectly sheltered home. The tender freshness and flavor has not been compromised in any way, while its aroma brought me to a world of sleek Italian men with sizzling ladies. It’s not much to ask for a regular guy to free himself and transport his dreams to another world of luxury at times! And how will that be accomplished without the perfectly “aged” cigar?! Let us introduce our Florence Cigar Humidor with its rich mahogany finish lined kiln dried Spanish cedar wood.  Each Cuban piece is preserved securely with Seal secure Technology, keeping your cigars on hold before it unleashes its specialty. Order your very own personalized Florence Cigar Humidor or pamper your father or father in law, for the perfect personalized gift. They too, deserve a piece of heaven to sweeten their lives, every once in a while; and so do you!

Florence Cigar Humidor