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Crack open a bottle of beer – MLB fans listen up.

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

There is nothing like watching a good baseball game with your buddies on Sunday afternoon. Was watching the Mets and the Cardinals playing this evening myself and had a great time. Some wings, cold beer and a good game – a perfect afternoon with the boys. Well, since we have the gear – the baseball cap, the team jersey and the MLB koozie for our beers – there is more. Now you can own a part of baseball history with the original MLB baseball bat bottle opener! Its a bottle opener that actually is made from a baseball bat that was used during a game – maybe to hit that winning run at the bottom of the ninth innnings! Man, that is absolutely incredible to own one of these limited edition openers.

MLB Baseball bat bottle opener

The Masters are back in Augusta

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

With a most of the avid golf fans riveted to their large screen tv’s, the whole world is watching Augusta Masters with renewed interest. Phil Mickelson rises to the top and Tiger back in fourth place- there is still a lot to talk about. This time around, no one needs to be reminded of the added interest even the not so avid golf fans have in watching the Masters tournament. With Tiger, scandals hopefully behind him, is staging a golfing and corporate comeback ala Nike. If you didnt see the Nike commercial with his late father’s voice then here it is. But the game of golf lives on – winners, losers and scandals just make it all the more center stage.

Vintage Golf academy pub sign

Gifting your groomsmen – Ipads maybe, now?

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

The much awaited Ipad is here! and from the initial response to it with lines outside the Apple store, it seems like everyone wants to get their hands on one…or two of them. This is even without seeing it. Now that’s what you call a marketing and branding success story. I personally reserved one of my own and having played around on it for about an hour…think that this is the next big wave in handheld electronics. When everybody else shied away from the “Tablet”, Steve Jobs and co. took it upon themselves to transform it! In the future, just like all electronics, the price will probably come down and more personalization options will be available.  The Ipod in its many versions is already a unique groomsmen gift idea that has caught on. Right now shopping on the Ipad for anything from to buying gifts for your groomsmen will be done while surfing and reading your ibooks. Change has come.

A nice one for April Fool’s day, Google!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

This was absolutely a hilarious April Fools day, with a great gag pulled off by Google today. For those of you who are living under a rock, Google changed its name on its web search engine home page to Topeka! If you are a non believer – check out the Google Blog and see it for yourself. It goes on stating that now we are no longer Googlers but Topekans! Loved it! Topeka, KS got the attention it was looking for and at no additional expense, it was on the map (at least for a day) and the whole world had a good laugh.