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Leather up and give

Friday, October 16th, 2009

With the holiday season around the corner, and the fall and winter bringing families closer at weddings, or Thanksgiving, thinking of a nice rich gift may be difficult. Some gifts never go out of fashion- for men or women. A gift of leather is more than appreciated, and is always a classic. Whether wallets or journals, bags or wine carriers, cases for your Ipod Touch or Blackberry,if its genuine leather, you see a brow raised in appreciation. Leather can be of many qualities so choose wisely when picking out a gift. If its cheap to buy, its probably cheap to touch!

Leather Duo Money Clip

Football season highs

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

With the NFL season in full swing, and Brett Favre unretired stronger than ever, fantasy football has reached new highs. With  pigskin prognosticators at work around the water cooler to locker room discussions of each fantasy team, its the time people pony up a few dollars for the team. There is even a fantasy football insurance available for you not to lose too much money, should your picks get knocked out in the earlier rounds. But either way, time to bring out the beer, turn on the tube and start prognosticating your way to get your team to be the Fantasy Football champ of the year!

Fantasy Football Champ Vintage Pub Sign