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Best Wedding dance video we have seen so far

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

All weddings are special and some are made even more special with what groomsmen, your best man and bridesmaids come up with to make it memorable. This is one wedding dance that everyone, not only the guests will remember for years to come. Guys and gals out there, check this video out and see if you can top it! This is funky and cool and when we saw it, we thought  it would be great to share it with you. Enjoy the video and dont forget to shop for your groomsmen and bridesmaids after you see it.

Free Press Release – Leather Gifts for the fall

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

With fall around the corner, is pleased to announce a new collection of wedding gifts in fine leather. With exquisite designs and unique ideas, the company is happy to offer a wide range of personalized leather gifts from leather flasks and coasters to beautiful bar accessories in rich hide leather.Be sure to take a second look at their leather personalised wine bags and carriers ideal for that vintage bottle of wine. For more click here.
Leather Organizer with coasters

Summer Wedding Spirits!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Summer is upon us in full swing and weddings are happening all over town! Outdoor wedding are a hit theme and to keep up with the outdoor spirit ( no pun intended!), a nice way to keep your wine and spirits safe when you are on the go is with this personalized leather wine bag. Whether its a rich bourdeaux or a refreshing chardonnay, this wine carrier will safely carry it on a romantic getaway or a trip to the park. This gives being a free spirit a whole new meaning!

Leather Wine Bag with Corkscrew

Formal Wear for Formal Times

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A lof of our news coverage has been on MJ. CNN reported that it was a touching, civilized and solemn event at the Staples center. Many others felt that too much hype was being generated for such an personal family affair. Nowadays, amidst tough times, people reach out and attempt civilized to one another, then we can pull through these times. Let us take this solemn moment and remember the past and look towards a brighter future. In passing, remember that people remember you by the way you dress, at work, at a wedding or at a solemn affair.