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Hide Your Treasure,Little One….

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

There is just something cute and adorable about how children have their own little treasures they softly hide within their small palms, and before anyone can see..stash them away in their very own secret place. These maybe trinkets they find at parties or shells they manage to scrounge from the beach or even coins given to them by their moms for being a good child today..These moments need to be celebrated as it is probably not long before they start growing up and figuring out the best way to keep their treasure is on stocks and bonds or as an outstanding bank balance. ;) Celebrate their innocence by giving them gifts that encourage them to hunt their treasures and keep them safe; teaching them both the art of saving and the independence of taking care of their own things.This Pirate Ship Coin Bank is one way to hit two birds with one stone – the parent and the child! A gift that is exciting for a child to receive and functional for a mom or dad’s agreeing nod!