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Christmas Shopping Gets Easy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Still queuing? How conventional!Well, if the hustle and bustle of christmas along with sweaty bodies pushing one another fighting for the last piece of discounted item is something thrilling to you..? Then, by all means ‘Happy Shopping’..! :)For the rest of you let’s trail into the world of easy, comfortable and stress-free shopping – where browsing through hundreds of gifts online is a pure luxury; an indulgence that can be enjoyed not by a chosen few but by YOU!Personalized gifts that are sweetly engraved are available in different product lines – wallets,glasses,wall art,pocket tools,bags,pens and many more options to choose from that would suit your recipient’s character and style! All with one click, at the office lunch hour or on the bed before a blissful sleep.Christmas online shopping is no more a burden but a fun,browsing moment! Start right now!

Shield – Most Valuable Person Award

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Most Valuable Person shieldSilent on my bedroom wall for decades, today my shield speaks to me. As I look at it, for the first time, alone, I’m transcended back to the “high” I felt the night my best friend awarded this to me. She was getting married and I was a lovely, young bridesmaid by her side. It makes me remember the big bright smile she had throughout the ceremony; the smell of the flowers, the warm delicious food and how I’m was almost giddy with the wine. It seemed like just yesterday when in fact it was ages ago. She’s no more but her existence is still felt. My career grew and I became busy studying the art of being a wife and mother and juggler too… Today, as time has stolen away all hectic moments, here I am speaking to my shield. We share a secret language no one understands and truly recognize each other’s joy of union. When I received this token, I was blushing just like my best friend; the bride. She, who always knew how to live a full, beautiful life and was skillful in making people feel wanted and worthy. Wherever she may be, she is close… as my “Most Valuable Shield” is always with me! 

Kudos to the Canadians and American Hockey Fans

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Wow! what a befitting end to the Winter Olympics! and congratulations to the Canadian Hockey team for a spectacular finish to it! not to mention the great sportsmanship displayed by the underdogs – the Americans. This is the Olympic spirit and fervour in its true form. Brotherhood, sportmanship and respect for the game and each other in overtime.

Hockey Academy Pub Sign

Cherry (pubsign) on top

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

With 2009 fast approaching its end and the holidays coming up fast on us, the season of giving is here. The economy is turning for the better but our purse strings have tightened up a notch. A thoughtful yet affordable holiday gift for someone you care is probably more appropriate than an over indulgent and extravagant present. The thought is what counts, isn’t it? And better still if what we give looks rich but is still affordable. With our new line of cherry wood pubsigns, this is just perfect for the person you care for, your dad who has been through tough times, your buddies at work or hang out with. With a rich cherry finish, and personalized, choose a theme that best fits the special person in mind. We are sure they will be in for a very pleasant holiday surprise!

Cherry Wood Pubsign golf academy

Tavern Sign of Times

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Things have come a long way from the old English tavern to the comfort of your home bar. It was in the early 1800s that the local folk would gather at the local tavern for a pint. It was also the social gathering place for all the news of the day. In honor of those times, we have offer the vintage tavern sign that will adorn any wall of your home and become a talking point of your watering hole. Better still, it can be personalized to your liking. Cheers.

Tavern Pub sign

Personalize your wedding

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Father’s day has come and is gone until next year. Hope all you fathers out there got some great gifts. For those who didn’t, maybe next year you will get a personalized father’s day gift….But I’m here to talk about weddings and tips to make it easier. A great gift tip to give the male (or female) members of your wedding party such as your groomsmen, best man or father of the bride or groom would be a personalized pub sign. These pubsigns come in various themes from drinking signs like the Irish beer pub sign to sporting signs or signs for various hobbies like fishing, skiing , poker, etc. You are bound to find a theme that will match the person you have in mind. These signs are specially designed to have great graphics and a professional finish that will last a lifetime. Better still, they can be personalized for each person be it young or old. Check it out and you nor will your groomsman or best man will be disappointed.
Poker Lounge pub sign

Morning roast

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

I love the smell of coffee in the morning, and so does my girlfriend who could be a coffee connoisseur on the side. Instant coffee is an absolutely no no, and a Sumatra or a Kona blend may be just just what you need to kickstart a busy morning. Coffee blends ranging from Jack Nicholson’s pick in the Bucket List – Kopi Luwak to the regular American roast are available for the picking as long as you are willing to pay the price. To personalize our coffee drinking experience making it special is important- adds that special touch to our mornings- whether in bed or in our favorite coffee shop - our home.
Coffee shop pubsign Personalized coffee mugs

Is it time to light a Cuban cigar?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

We have come a long way from the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis days during the Kennedy administration to the present day Obama government policies. I remember in the 1960’s that Havana was called the Paris of the Caribbean and then came Fidel Castro. Dont you think it will be interesting to see what happens now with travel and money flowing in to Cuba?  What I would like to see is the US market open to a free flow of fine Cuban cigars! Ohh that would be wonderful! If only Castro gave Obama a box of cigars instead of his book!! But right now, we have to be happy with a great personalized pub sign of a wonderful Cuban - great look minus the aroma! To rub it in, I plan to give my groomsmen this pubsign as a groomsmen gift on my wedding! and much cheaper than a box of cigars but officially available!

Cigar pub sign

Tribute to the Wild West

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Well, there just ain’t no talkin’ about the Ol’ West, without hundreds, no thousands of saloons of the American West. The very term “saloon” itself, conjures up an image of an Old West Saloon , complete with a wooden false front, a wide boardwalk flanking the dusty street, a couple of hitchin’ posts, and the always present swinging doors. I remember the classic saloon scene with Clint Eastwood and the Will Smith movie Wild Wild West . And the West was notorious, I mean real bad, Billy the Kid elevated bad and notorious to new levels.
A dancehall or Saloon girl’s job was to brighten the evenings of the many lonely men of the western towns. Our personalized saloon pub sign is a tribute to the vivacious ladies of the Ol’ West!

Saloon Pub sign

Personalized Pub Signs

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Have you ever wondered what to give someone who has everything? Look no further! our store has the largest collections of pubsigns by far.  For those  fantasy football fans we have a sign for you too. For the bar guy groomsman, a traditional irish pubsign, martini lounge sign or irish whiskey bar sign. For the car crazy bestman, check out the flaming car garage or sports car signs. Pokerbuff ushers, we have pub signs for you too – the Texas hold’em sign is sweet and poker lounge sign is just a looker! These custom made signs are wooden pub signs of high quality and glossy finish. They even have kids rooms signs and candy room signs as ringbearer gifts! These custom signs have designs that are exclusive to and not available anywhere else. Plus personalization is free and the price unbeatable!

Sports Car Garage Pubsign