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Ambush of Hunting Themed Stein!

Friday, February 24th, 2012


Do you know that the word ‘Stein’ is derived from a German origin word ‘Steingut’ which means stoneware? This is apparently their time-honored way for drinking beer that was developed due to sanitary issues. For beer lovers, the bigger the mug, the better the joy! But today, steins have gained much popularity around the world that it is also considered as a great vessel for drinking hot/cold coffee and tea.

If your groomsman is a combination of adventurous and gregarious or a hunter, our Personalized Hunting Stein makes a cheerful groomsmen gift.  Be creative and add some fun by inserting a gift certificate or their favorite beer along with the stein. That one glass of chilled beer after a long day at work will taste even better when they are drinking it from a mug that was personalized by a great friend  –  by you!