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Pimp up Your Garage!!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

E.B. White quotes “Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car”. Boys have this special fervor and addiction for luxurious four wheels.  They would wish something spectacular to happen, like being left a ‘will’ where you find the most expensive car parked in the garage. Yes, that is how much they can be really devoted!
However, people these days have the habit of parking their posh cars along the driveway and ruin their dream garage by turning it into a war zone to keep their useless junks.  So what are you waiting for? Pimp up your garage with that ambiance that enables anyone to feel your devotion. And with it, hang this vintage “Sports car” Garage Pub Sign on the wall that will jazz things up and help you mark your territory.
Our Vintage Car Pub Sign can be personalized to your name that will definitely strike out as attractive gifts for groomsmen and ushers. Printed with a high gloss finish, this surely will win your groomsmen hearts who are racing fanatics.

“The Pool Player Groomsmen boasts his hobby on his wall”

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Is your groomsmen a pool player? It must be rather difficult to find a gift dedicated to this sport; it’s not like billiard themed gifts are easy to find.I mean there are no accessories dedicated to this sport except for colorful numbered balls and a billiard stick; of course there has to be more unique ideas!!

Let us do the thinking.. all you need to worry about is selecting and purchasing. With the vintage craze we have incorporated a pool player’s dream into a weather-beaten canvas print, featuring a classic fence post background and retro colored balls to add a soothing, old-fashioned touch creating this “Personalized Rustic Billiards Canvas Print“.

This can also be awarded as man cave gifts! Watch how this small canvas sign make a standard man cave fit for a night of fun, cheer and beer with good old buddies!!

This may also be an attractive decor piece for any Pool-themed Wedding.

Vintage Gifts for your Groomsman

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


Classy, stylish, fashionable and Prim and Proper is outdone by good old shabby, tattered-torn and dog-eared fashion. The Vintage style is Back with a vengeance!!  Retro items from the past, antique decor pieces or weather-beaten pub signs are being considered as gifts for the groomsmen and even as wedding gifts. A lot of french style couture and English classic art is incorporated into many products creating a scream of fans hurdling into this fetish.

Don’t hold back when it comes to your groomsmen and usher gifts and bring in Vintage themed items as options in your list. If a tattered looking wallet is not something you would give thought to, something with a little bit more personal value like a vintage pub sign can be both traditional and memorable.. also tasteful and unique. Oh yes, these blast from the past items are also perfect for the man cave!

Pirate-Themed Gifts – the latest treasure!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Aye Aye Captain!! Here comes the latest treasure from the deepest seas – Pirate-themed gifts! Scary skulls on flags, black eye patches and dog-eared treasure maps are roaming the market with a wild fever.T.shirts, key holders, mugs, personalized pub signs, sports bags and many other useful daily items are decorate with these sizzling pirate prints and pictures. Why not add this to your list of groomsmen gift ideas?A favorite pick is this Traditional Pirate Cabin Pub Sign as this is also a saucy man cave gift! With a backdrop of a weather beaten treasure map, it gives a vintage look to any man cave. It can also be personalized with the name of your buddy or even father in law with name and year established.

3 Tips for Choosing the right Gifts

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Giving and receiving gifts are delightful both ways! Ponder this: How do you feel when you receive a gift like just what you had in mind? or something you’ve always wanted? or in the form of a hobby you have long forgotten? Its always a delight when you receive something that you can cherish or you can Use!Tip 1: Know the personality of the person. Is the person a fashionista? or is the person a practical person? A fashionable person would appreciate anything that is colorful or even stylish, But a practical person would appreciate a gift that can be used, if not literally at least it can be looked at every single day maybe like our pub signs or a pocket tool or even a set of cuff-links.Tip 2 : The ‘Personal Touch’ kinda guy/gal?Some of your friends would be touched by a gift that is hand made or if you took the extra step by personalizing a gift, maybe like engraving their initials on a certain item?Tip 3 : Know the Age of the Person. The age of the person you are giving the gift to plays a very important role on the type of gift you can present. You would think of giving something mature like a cigar set or even a wine glass set to a person middle aged and above and on the other hand maybe give something funky or sporty like a Poker Set, just like the Royal Prince William did to his Groomsmen (or it is rumored that way).Hope these tips will help you choose the right gifts for the right people in future!

“The Wild Wild West – Mancave Gifts”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

 It’s all about the Wild Wild West… where beautiful women clad in short skirts and fishnet stockings stand like gorgeous angels summoning you to the saloon entrances. Their bright red lips smiling and inviting. Cheers to that years old beer in barrels ready to fill your heart with warmth and fun. Everyone’s loud and jolly, drunk and happy, with no care for the world.Today’s posh pubs and clubs don’t stand a chance compared to those good old days. Every loud beer belly man is changed to a man in a suit; every saucy, bright-lipped, voluptuous girl is altered to a bony girl with nude make-up and every shack with wooden furniture transformed to a futuristic club with neon lights.Miss the good old days? Revive it with this Framed Saloon Pub Sign and burn your Mancave with the feel of the Wild Wild West!

“Enter the Mancave” – no frill area!

Monday, April 11th, 2011


There is ONE similar aspect in the male species which doesn’t differ whether a man is young or old! A salesperson with his tight tie dreams of it;a poet with his soft words is led to its controversial desire; a husband with a lovely wife and 3 kids is drawn to it; and the single college boy next door probably already has it! Its the  need for some macho fun and to make it happen, his very own MAN CAVE! A place where the salesman can loosen his tie, the poet can disappoint his fans and the married man can do something more than just pleasing his family. We get this! That is why we have a range of Man Cave gift items for the best man or groomsmen in the forms of rocking vibrant pub signs, cheerful beer steins, saucy coasters, etc. Anything you may need to make your “special” area free from the frills and touches of a feminine hand!!

The Tree Of Love

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Those teen years are still fresh in my head.. filled with love, new joy, giddiness and excitement for the slightest of things. Carving ones love on trees, school walls, rocks at the park and even on the sand was a joy so complete and real. Today, as Life takes over matters in its own hand and Time whips us to keep on going, those days are forgotten.. and that laughing teenager is represented by a serious man with duty on his shoulders. When I spotted this Tree Of Love Sign, the boy in me was rekindled and the very image of me and my girl (now beloved wife) running in the meadow promising our love got captured. Valentine’s is coming up and straying away from the jewelery I’m going to give her something to remember our good old days..the days when love was a shy promise, carved on barks of tress….


Thursday, December 23rd, 2010


As newcomers in the city, we had succeeded in winning hearts with the decor of our house. The lush curtains matched the rover sofas, while the dark wood furniture gave away a luxurious, sensual air. The huge TV screen at the center of the living room was accompanied with a crisp sound system and decorated with orange fire streaks for its backdrop. Each candle was in place and every cutlery shone in the pantry. Amongst all these plush, I personally wanted an area of fun. Somewhere I can be myself and a place that transforms anyone entering the room into a ball of cheer and craziness. That’s when I spotted this Game Room Art Print and something pressed inside me. With a click, I purchased this Wall Art, already creating images of how this corner room would be. Today, this Game Room Wall art boasts its existence at the front entrance of our favorite place at home. We call it the “Nutty Room”…  This room has a mini bar, a small pool table, a poker table, soft sofas, a TV set with a collection of home videos and beloved all timers. It is the most favorite place for the family and the ONLY place guests run into, when entering our home.

Mancave Coaster Set

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Mancave Coaster

I’m a male in a feminine surrounding and I love it! This ivory cream bar has been here for years and each tinkling shiny wine glass is my friend. I was distributed as a grooms gift at a wedding last year and I’m still here ever since. I do have fellow plain silver and leather buddies but I’m proud to say I’m the favorite during the famous parties my master throws. I add a nice touch to their tall beer glass and play my part well even if I’m eavesdropping on their loud chitter chatter. Anyway my non-skid base makes me feel secure and I hardly ever shift from my position. I also know why I’m loved so much is because when the party is over, I don’t need to be washed. A simple wipe clean move and I rest in my mahogany finished slotted holder, back at the bar, and waiting for the next party. I’ve been whispering little secrets about groomsmen present ideas, so I can have more personalized coasters as friends at this bar!