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Even the Swiss know that good things come in small packages

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Back in the 1880s, the Swiss Army was in dire need of a compact and sturdy folding knife for various purposes from opening their canned food to disassembling a rifle.  The founder of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, Karl Elsener came up with the revolutionary idea of creating this marvellous tool with a sophisticated twist. Standard folding knives would have a blade, a can opener as well as a screwdriver. These tools were attached to a pivot point mechanism on the knife’s handle – a very smart and practical way of assembling a folding knife. Elsener then changed this mechanism to a spring mechanism which allowed twice as many tools to be attached to this small package.

Centuries have passed and the Swiss Army knife has evolved into a highly crafted and useful tool which is carried by many professionals in their field. Astronauts, rangers, mountain climbers, and athletes have this small gadget handy in their pockets to assist them in time of need.  But then, out comes our wondrous Victorinox Swiss Army Golf tool – perfectly suited for the golf professionals out there. This tool has ten different useful items in the one little device, making it the most versatile item to help golfers on the course.  Attachments include a one-hand locking Divot Repair tool, Ball Marker, Tee Punch with Groove Cleaner, Bottle opener, Nail file, Blade, Tweezers, Toothpick and even a pair of Scissors. Looking for a gift that will be cherished and pocketed 24/7 by your golf-loving groomsmen? Ta-dah………!!! Big things do come in small packages!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Despite the new alternatives offered by technology in terms of furniture and decorative ideas, Wood still holds its classic place and is nonetheless considered an icon of taste! A silent room sparks out with warmth and personality when adjourned with this dark colored  decor and brings forth an earthy aura that both rejuvenates and relaxes.

Ornaments along with furniture, photo frames and trinkets, wall hangings and even ashtrays are crafted out of wood to enhance the beauty of regular objects.

So,we thought of adding some level of persona and character into gadgets;  high-tech items that are generally as cold as steel, practical and posses a no-nonsense behavior. Introducing our 4GB Wooden Box Shape USB Flash Drive – a unique piece of art that serves your daily function in the world of business and technology and still  manage to bring a smile on your face and glow in your heart. Clad in light wood, this USB Flash Drive is easy to grip and a definite eye-catcher at that meeting table!
















Christmas Shopping Gets Easy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Still queuing? How conventional!Well, if the hustle and bustle of christmas along with sweaty bodies pushing one another fighting for the last piece of discounted item is something thrilling to you..? Then, by all means ‘Happy Shopping’..! :)For the rest of you let’s trail into the world of easy, comfortable and stress-free shopping – where browsing through hundreds of gifts online is a pure luxury; an indulgence that can be enjoyed not by a chosen few but by YOU!Personalized gifts that are sweetly engraved are available in different product lines – wallets,glasses,wall art,pocket tools,bags,pens and many more options to choose from that would suit your recipient’s character and style! All with one click, at the office lunch hour or on the bed before a blissful sleep.Christmas online shopping is no more a burden but a fun,browsing moment! Start right now!

Where Fashion Meets Technology..

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012



Apple products are just unbeatable!  Over the years it’s iPhone have gained so much of recognition in the mobile industry, where it’s fashionable yet functional feature allow people to dial calls, receive messages, listen to music, play games, surf the web, and so many other things in between. And with time, their mobile accessories also starts to boom up, especially iPhone cases!Fashion divas are not so contented with the basic color cases that are available in the shopping malls or any other mobile stores.  For them the latest runway trends do not apply just for their wardrobe. They are excited to dress their favorite iPhone with stylish and happening cover designs that are being offered.  Top designers even manufacture their own innovative signature cases, such as Burberry, Chanel, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and many more.  However, as a matter of fact not all can afford to pay their price tags!Let your heart skip a beat with our coolest Personalized iPhone Case -White Trim that will gear up you iPhone according to the fashion magazine level style, just at a lesser tag! This light weight snap on case with its attractive springtime colors will definitely speak to others before you do.  More than a fashion statement, the durable polycarbonate material helps to extend the iPhone life by protecting the back part of the device from scratches, accidental drop, and also direct sunrays to the battery. Your fashionista bridesmaids, mother or flower girl will definitely love this case, as with its Personalization option, it will make a unique gift that they will not be able to buy just anywhere else!

Wear What You Love, Love What You Wear…

Friday, July 20th, 2012

No matter which part of the world you belong to, Billiard is now more acknowledged as a respected sport rather than a recreational activity. Willie Mosconi, a famous legendary professional billiard player, who incredibly added a bag full of beans to this game until it became America’s game of choice. There cannot be another Mosconi who actually won the World Pocket Billiards Championship 13 times in 15 years. Apart from his fascinating plays, he is admired by many women for his stylish and smart dressing style, which helps to boost up his personal self esteem.If you are a true billiard enthusiast, you would absolutely know the dressing code rule that has been implied to dress professionally at all times, or otherwise they can be disqualified for violation. So, the question to be addressed, what is deemed to be professional? Watching a real tournament on television commonly shows how players are dressed up above par in their black and white tux or formal tight fitting garments, leather shoes, and cuffed up sleeves. Wear what you love, and love what you wear! Introducing our Billiard Ball Cufflinks that allows you to adhere to strict dress of conduct and look trendy at the same time. After all, if everyone dresses up in the same way on a routine basis, it is sort of tough to catch the attention of the public. Let our lucky number 8 Billiard Ball Cufflinks be your signature! Perfect sports gift for the father of the bride, ushers, groomsmen, and even your one and only bestman!

The Spark of Vegas as a Christmas Gift!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

With December comes Christmas, the most awaited holiday season that is back on us already in no time. The magic of this joyous festival is symbolized by decorating the house with colorful ornaments, tall green Christmas tree with lights, delicious cookies, and most importantly exchanging gifts!
Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones that’s according to their area of interest can really be a challenge. Bookmarks for authors, gadget for techie’s, skateboard for the sports lover, and so on.  But what gift would be treasured by an enthusiastic roulette player?

A trip to Las Vegas would really be a knockout gift, but not everyone can afford it. Introducing our Silver Travel Roulette Wheel Case that comes with a roulette wheel and board, two silver balls, and magnetic game pieces is a great Personalized Christmas Gift idea!!  Bring this along to your next Christmas gathering and make your holiday season extra cheerful and fun.

Gadget Gifts for the Handy Groomsmen

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Do you remember the legend secret agent who is totally unique in his every mission, MacGyver? A man who was famous for his application of scientific knowledge and had the tact to make clever little things out of odd bits. And for a fact this brilliant handyman refused to carry a gun on his missions, and instead used common items such as Swiss Army Knives.
This situation strikes a chord on our SwissCard Lite – Ruby that makes exceptional groomsmen gifts for the handy and practical ones! It is packed in a credit card sized box that makes it convenient to be carried around. It contains multifunction tools such as blade, scissors, pen, screw driver, magnifying glass, etc that is totally helpful during emergency situations that he might encounter.
Also a great ushers gift, fathers gift, basically for just anyone into gadget and adventure!

“One More Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea”

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Yet another unique add-on to woo your groomsmen.. this time its Simple, Classy and also slightly Chic..

Take a guess, what does it look like? Yes, its definitely a watch.. but there’s no wristband or chain.  Some of you may have guessed correct and the others have probably tried zooming and rotating and messed up the answers. Well, this unique piece of art is also a money clip! It’s functional in 2 different ways, it looks elegant, plus its silver!!! What else could your groomsmen ask for?! Not to forget it can also be engraved….

The best part is this makes amazing gifts for also the father or father in law; this way you present everyone with the same gift (and avoid jealous glances) and stay stress free. You might want to engrave different initials and messages to make each gift personal. Another option is to box them and have them tied with different ribbons. For instance, blue ribbon for all ushers and gold ribbon for father.

Another reason why this product was featured is because of its price.. Oh La La.. so reasonable its unbelievable! This Silver Watch Money Clip can be presented just so or paired up everyone’s favorite liquor bottle for an extra perk-up! A box of rich chocolates with a matching ribbon will also do if you prefer everyone to be straight.

So, do not forget to list this as one of the options for great groomsmen gift ideas this season!!

Beauty VS Brains

Monday, December 20th, 2010


There are tons of gifts for the beautiful, all smiles girl in your life. There are also sports gifts for the adventurer little cat. Executive gifts hit the target with ladies who have a soaring career. Bar accessories for the wine lover, jewelry for the feminine, fragrances for the perfume fan, travel wallets for the frequent flyer, Organizers for the workaholic, etc…. but how about the woman with both beauty and brains?! To get either or means settling to one side of her and therefore it can’t really be called “the perfect gift’ can it? That’s when this shimmery crystal studded pendant caught my eye which is actually a USB in disguise… Just like my girl! A programmer by profession, she has the looks and style of a model and this 4GB Studded USB Flash Drive and Pendant is just perfect for her! I found her the Christmas gift that will satisfy her smarts and also look beautiful on her neck!