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Christmas Shopping Gets Easy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Still queuing? How conventional!Well, if the hustle and bustle of christmas along with sweaty bodies pushing one another fighting for the last piece of discounted item is something thrilling to you..? Then, by all means ‘Happy Shopping’..! :)For the rest of you let’s trail into the world of easy, comfortable and stress-free shopping – where browsing through hundreds of gifts online is a pure luxury; an indulgence that can be enjoyed not by a chosen few but by YOU!Personalized gifts that are sweetly engraved are available in different product lines – wallets,glasses,wall art,pocket tools,bags,pens and many more options to choose from that would suit your recipient’s character and style! All with one click, at the office lunch hour or on the bed before a blissful sleep.Christmas online shopping is no more a burden but a fun,browsing moment! Start right now!

Personalized Gifts – Significance of Love & Appreciation

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

There are 2 main things people expect from life and from the people around them – Love and Appreciation! Battles have started in the name of Love and fights have come up due to lack of appreciation or attention. On the contrary, families have bloomed in the name of Love and Relationships have prospered with enough attention given to loved ones! Friends have either become thicker or brought further apart; acquaintances either remain indifferent or end up being buddies forever! All these with two simple words – Love & Appreciation!

Let us admit it; who does not like to be adored? or considered to be valuable and precious! A small reminder is usually enough to make someone feel loved and cared for. When buying gifts, this is of real consideration as mostly we opt for gifts that are only functional and of use or something luxuriously expensive; forgetting that the simple things do count; like this “Most Valuable Person Shield Coaster” which proudly boasts that he/she is indeed the most valuable to you. Parading at the home bar or under a glass of wine, this will be a constant reminder of how much they mean to someone and how much loved and valued they are!!

“Enter the Mancave” – no frill area!

Monday, April 11th, 2011


There is ONE similar aspect in the male species which doesn’t differ whether a man is young or old! A salesperson with his tight tie dreams of it;a poet with his soft words is led to its controversial desire; a husband with a lovely wife and 3 kids is drawn to it; and the single college boy next door probably already has it! Its the  need for some macho fun and to make it happen, his very own MAN CAVE! A place where the salesman can loosen his tie, the poet can disappoint his fans and the married man can do something more than just pleasing his family. We get this! That is why we have a range of Man Cave gift items for the best man or groomsmen in the forms of rocking vibrant pub signs, cheerful beer steins, saucy coasters, etc. Anything you may need to make your “special” area free from the frills and touches of a feminine hand!!

Coaster Evolution

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Coasters… make a kitchen complete, gives company to wine glasses, great additions to a bar. Could it have an entry permit at the office? Could it be presented as gifts to the male species without receiving an awkward uneasy thank you in return?

Coasters have evolved from the basic plastic floral printed ones to a mega collection of other materials and designs, thereby making them less of a pantry necessity and welcomed into the world of gifts… brace yourself, even for men. Just as the crystal clear glass coasters maneuvered into pubs and home bars, as the theme based printed coasters aroused people’s hobbies, leather coasters found their way into the halls of offices and other male dominated areas. As the base for coffee mugs, glasses of water or bottled drinks, leather coasters also blend very well with the office furniture or other rooms decorated in a masculine way. This is why it is no more taboo to give out personalized coasters as gifts for groomsmen or ushers; in fact the change is functional and refreshing.

Mancave Coaster Set

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Mancave Coaster

I’m a male in a feminine surrounding and I love it! This ivory cream bar has been here for years and each tinkling shiny wine glass is my friend. I was distributed as a grooms gift at a wedding last year and I’m still here ever since. I do have fellow plain silver and leather buddies but I’m proud to say I’m the favorite during the famous parties my master throws. I add a nice touch to their tall beer glass and play my part well even if I’m eavesdropping on their loud chitter chatter. Anyway my non-skid base makes me feel secure and I hardly ever shift from my position. I also know why I’m loved so much is because when the party is over, I don’t need to be washed. A simple wipe clean move and I rest in my mahogany finished slotted holder, back at the bar, and waiting for the next party. I’ve been whispering little secrets about groomsmen present ideas, so I can have more personalized coasters as friends at this bar!