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From your Mother…With Love

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Today is my daughter’s wedding day…” It’s unbelievable that a simple phrase like this can hold so much meaning that it can well up tears in any mother’s eyes. To a mother, her baby girl will always be… well, her baby girl. Where each small step taken with tiny feet and every grin & giggle is cherished deep in her heart. The first time she lifted her little fingers to pick up a snack, the first time she ate a cookie and even the first day of school… would seem like just yesterday.

With a bond so strong and powerful, where a child wouldn’t need to convey a tummy ache in words and mama knows… wouldn’t need to say she fell in love, and mama knows… Wouldn’t need to spell out she found the “one” and have decided to get married… coz mommy knows. Now that the day is here, what mommy doesn’t know is how to feel as she is astounded with both joy and ache. This is the big step, the leap from mama’s arms to another and a regular wedding gift just wouldn’t do. Something to cherish for life, something that’ll always be close to her, as how mama has always been, something with subtle reminders of the treasured beautiful moments, something like this charm bracelet with small picture frames. May you always have this around your wrist and remember that your mother is not far away. May you always have something to jingle and make you smile, even when you’re having a bad day. And in future, when you have your own baby girl… May you remember to cherish her, as much as mama cherished you……