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Timelessness wins over trend every time!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

We’ve all had our share of gifts. We have been on the giving and receiving side of both good and bad gifts.

Unfortunately, in this day an age, it can be so frustrating to buy someone a present. Everyone is so clear on their likes and dislikes that if you don’t know them well enough, buying them a present is like solving a long math equation! Because of that, we often find ourselves spending hours thinking about ideas for a gift and then browsing around stores to find the perfect one. I know I have.

But then…inspiration strikes!

Trend and fashion are all good, but if you want to give people the perfect gift that they will appreciate, you can never go wrong with a classic!

Just like cufflinks. Cufflinks are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, and so they make for classic and elegant gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation or a new job, cufflinks are something that will last any man a lifetime. Trendy cufflinks may be nice, but rarely do they bring the touch of elegance that cufflinks are supposed to. That’s why we love this pair of cufflinks. With a light grey base, subtle black lines and matte silver finish, these cufflinks ooze perfection. The two-tone façade of these cufflinks make them shine beautifully under any light, undoubtedly adding class and elegance to a man’s ensemble.

This pair of cufflinks is customizable, so you can engrave it any way you want, or add a monogram of your groomsmen’s initials, to give them a very sophisticated personal gift that they will truly cherish.


Where Time is Money

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Imagine there is a bank which credits your account each morning with $86,400, carries over no balance from day to day, allows you to keep no cash balance, and every evening cancels whatever part of the amount you had failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course! Well, everyone has such a bank. It is called “Time”.

Every morning; it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. The clock is ticking. Make the most of today! 

Let go of the old wrist watches and adapt a new technolgy on your cuff links. Everyone’s busy these days, hence this accuracy has become so important  – it is now a necessity.  People need to be on time to keep their lives in full working order.

We say, waste no time to award your best man or even father of the bride with our Clock Cufflinks, because Time waits for nobody!

Groomsmen Fashion – Cufflinks w/t a Difference..

Friday, December 28th, 2012

“I am not the prim and prop, well-dressed guy in a black suit, an ironed white shirt and cufflinks…I am fun,casual and laid back” says your groomsman and you start to panic. your first thought is wondering if he plans to wear a his black t.shirt and cargo pants for the reception. But he’s the groomsman and your best buddy who will never let anyone perk his dressing sense! This sounds like a dilemma our Blue Lego Cufflinks can cure!If he is not interested in wearing the full tuxedo with shiny silver cufflinks with diamond studs then let him be. Just because he may tend to break a few formal dress-code rules doesn’t mean he’s a fashion slob. Men today, have their ways of looking elegant and formal with a touch of fun and casual style that speaks out their personality. Those who are more conservative will stick to the classics but the young and trendy will like to play with styles and colors when it comes to dressing up (or down)..So, I am sure you will be able to convince the laid-back, happy-go lucky, groomsman to come in a pair of pants, a well pressed shirt of his favorite fit AND these striking blue lego cufflinks to perk up his look. Gift it to him as an early groomsmen gift for him to wear as his very own fashion statement, for the wedding.

Gifts of Nostalgia…

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

The word ‘moustache’ belongs to the French, which is symbolic to masculine panache and thus became a fashion statement in the 19th century during the Victorian times. The Emperors would regard their thick bushy mustaches that end with an upward curl as their noble pride.  In 1983, the very first arcade Nintendo game was developed featuring a very unique character that is always dressed with a hat, and a moustache that is covered by its big nose. A big-fat gratitude to Shigeru Miyamoto for making many of us grew up with this cute character – Super Mario Bros!A Mario Bros themed party makes a very classic theme for your kid’s birthday party, especially if they love playing video games.  Décor the venue in such a way that it would make the guests feels like they had stepped into the Mario Bros classic video game arena, and prepare hats with ‘M’ logo stitched on it which is to be worn on them upon their arrival. Bake cupcakes with Mario Bros fondant as its topping, and Blue berry jelly drink with whipped cream for a perfect treat for the Mario Boys!As the parents you can spruce up to the theme with our Mario Bros Cufflinks on your French cuffed shirt.  This accessory is a statement piece maker that will catch everyone’s attention. In addition to this, it makes a perfect groomsmen gift for them who shares extra love for Mario or even video games.

Christmas Shopping Gets Easy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Still queuing? How conventional!Well, if the hustle and bustle of christmas along with sweaty bodies pushing one another fighting for the last piece of discounted item is something thrilling to you..? Then, by all means ‘Happy Shopping’..! :)For the rest of you let’s trail into the world of easy, comfortable and stress-free shopping – where browsing through hundreds of gifts online is a pure luxury; an indulgence that can be enjoyed not by a chosen few but by YOU!Personalized gifts that are sweetly engraved are available in different product lines – wallets,glasses,wall art,pocket tools,bags,pens and many more options to choose from that would suit your recipient’s character and style! All with one click, at the office lunch hour or on the bed before a blissful sleep.Christmas online shopping is no more a burden but a fun,browsing moment! Start right now!

Let the Transformers Transform your look!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


The highest grossing movie of all time, Transformers has set a wide influence on the entire world, where action figures could transform from robots into vehicles or creatures. The story line of the movie is centered around the battle between the heroic noble Autobots and the evil Decepticons on Earth.  Not only the kids, even adults became so interested in learning further about these superstar characters.  The number of merchandise released due to this blockbuster movie is just unbelievable.  You name it and they have it all licensed! From toys, comics, tins, containers, apparels, school supplies, watch, belt buckles, and the list goes on. Following such hit, introduces our very own Transformers Cufflinks and Tie Clip that features the double Autobot emblems from the original cartoon.Obtain the smart look by having it cuffed on your shirt, and pin up the clip to prevent your tie flapping around.  Keep in mind that Autobots are symbolized for their good virtues, the heroic figure dedicated to peace. Appreciate the superhero in your wedding, namely the groomsmen and bestman with this remarkable gift for being beside you all throughout the event. Even Optimus Prime would be proud of these cool additions!

Steal that Celebrity Look!!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Who would not know the famous Canadian jazz singer, Michael Buble? This famous young man introduced debut love songs are made the trademark of his voice to evoke fervor for life and romance, has literally won three Grammy Awards!! He officially tied the knot to Luisana Lopilato in April 2012, and Buble look totally sophisticated in his black tuxedo that is spruced up with a neutral black stud sets. Take a look at their civil wedding portrait and we are pretty sure he is still yet to break many women hearts though he is married!How can you dress like him and be an old-school heartthrob? He has a very classy and exclusive style and prefers neutral colors such as black, white, charcoal grey and navy blue. Allow people to notice that you look as good as he is in your timeless tux and take a lighter approach with our Sterling Silver Black Fiber Optic Stud Set and matching cufflinks. It is unique in a Hexagon shape that reflects hues of shiny silver and grey.Present this gift to your brother, father of the bride, groomsmen, and even ushers if you want them to achieve a dramatic different look on your wedding day. Regardless of its simplicity, they will definitely be the center of attention especially if it’s personalized with special initials.

Wear What You Love, Love What You Wear…

Friday, July 20th, 2012

No matter which part of the world you belong to, Billiard is now more acknowledged as a respected sport rather than a recreational activity. Willie Mosconi, a famous legendary professional billiard player, who incredibly added a bag full of beans to this game until it became America’s game of choice. There cannot be another Mosconi who actually won the World Pocket Billiards Championship 13 times in 15 years. Apart from his fascinating plays, he is admired by many women for his stylish and smart dressing style, which helps to boost up his personal self esteem.If you are a true billiard enthusiast, you would absolutely know the dressing code rule that has been implied to dress professionally at all times, or otherwise they can be disqualified for violation. So, the question to be addressed, what is deemed to be professional? Watching a real tournament on television commonly shows how players are dressed up above par in their black and white tux or formal tight fitting garments, leather shoes, and cuffed up sleeves. Wear what you love, and love what you wear! Introducing our Billiard Ball Cufflinks that allows you to adhere to strict dress of conduct and look trendy at the same time. After all, if everyone dresses up in the same way on a routine basis, it is sort of tough to catch the attention of the public. Let our lucky number 8 Billiard Ball Cufflinks be your signature! Perfect sports gift for the father of the bride, ushers, groomsmen, and even your one and only bestman!

Groomsmen Gift for the Tech Lover!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

 We all very well know how tech geeks are dressed. They are commonly characterized with those thick rectangular glasses; quirky imaged t-shirts, and a digital earphone/headset around their neck. Shirt, tie, and cufflinks are definitely out of their style definition! Despite their personality, there are occasions and circumstances that require these geeks to dress up more formally. So why not add a tech style to their formal outfit? Allow them to proclaim their love for technology with our Ultimate Apple-Fan Logo Cufflinks and also express their adherence to Steve up to their sleeve! It is a very rare and unique pair of silver cufflinks with a black colored Apple logo on it that will be truly appreciated by your groomsmen who is a Mac die-hard fan. For you know that “Once you go Mac, you never go back!

Win A Perfect First Impression!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

You just received a reply in your mailbox on your Job Application in a Multinational Company; and the Good News is: You are scheduled for a face-to-face interview of your dream job next week!!! Job interviews can mean a lifetime opportunity and hence you have to put in your best effort to lock in the offer.  A good first impression to your employers can really work wonders. Being only a few steps away from getting hired, you don’t have to just feel good but appear good and confident as well…
Transform your standard polo shirt into a well tailored suit with our vintage Typewriter Cufflinks; which will also look classy with a plain French cuff shirt. Personalized with your initials, it will turn you into a professional all geared up to enter the career world. Hint your employers through your cufflinks that even the smallest detail matters to you!
Recycled from actual typewriters used during the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s, it makes green groomsmen gifts, fathers gift as well as executive gifts and also unique Christmas gifts for men.