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The Man Cave is now legal!

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Last year the word was “tweet”.This year its “sexting” and “man cave” – the newest terms added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. The term man cave and its denotations have flooded people and the world in not just in terms of speech. Having a precious, personal man cave seems to be just as essential as having an attached bathroom in the master bedroom of a home….for a different need,of course. It is not just a dream anymore for a man to want a place to relax, play games, watch football and have a few beers with friends over some poker. It’s a need!Its not all that difficult to re-vamp an ordinary room into a man cave and one wont need to spend a bomb re-decorating.  Like a king on his throne, a man cave normally has a huge comfy sofa or even a recliner; a mini-bar at the corner with all the bar essentials, some personalized glasses, a flat-screen T.V and a stunning sound stereo. Add up some personalized pub signs to literally claim the room as your own; order some pizza and all you need to do is call a bunch of boys and let the fun roll.This does hit on an idea on the term “Woman Cave” – feminizing a room wouldn’t be all that hard too, with splashes of hot pink colors here and there, good music, martini glasses and a ‘sex in the city’ video..Let’s hope the “woman cave” term passes entry to the OXFORD Dictionary next year.. You just never know.

Personalized Gifts – Significance of Love & Appreciation

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

There are 2 main things people expect from life and from the people around them – Love and Appreciation! Battles have started in the name of Love and fights have come up due to lack of appreciation or attention. On the contrary, families have bloomed in the name of Love and Relationships have prospered with enough attention given to loved ones! Friends have either become thicker or brought further apart; acquaintances either remain indifferent or end up being buddies forever! All these with two simple words – Love & Appreciation!

Let us admit it; who does not like to be adored? or considered to be valuable and precious! A small reminder is usually enough to make someone feel loved and cared for. When buying gifts, this is of real consideration as mostly we opt for gifts that are only functional and of use or something luxuriously expensive; forgetting that the simple things do count; like this “Most Valuable Person Shield Coaster” which proudly boasts that he/she is indeed the most valuable to you. Parading at the home bar or under a glass of wine, this will be a constant reminder of how much they mean to someone and how much loved and valued they are!!

Shield – Most Valuable Person Award

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Most Valuable Person shieldSilent on my bedroom wall for decades, today my shield speaks to me. As I look at it, for the first time, alone, I’m transcended back to the “high” I felt the night my best friend awarded this to me. She was getting married and I was a lovely, young bridesmaid by her side. It makes me remember the big bright smile she had throughout the ceremony; the smell of the flowers, the warm delicious food and how I’m was almost giddy with the wine. It seemed like just yesterday when in fact it was ages ago. She’s no more but her existence is still felt. My career grew and I became busy studying the art of being a wife and mother and juggler too… Today, as time has stolen away all hectic moments, here I am speaking to my shield. We share a secret language no one understands and truly recognize each other’s joy of union. When I received this token, I was blushing just like my best friend; the bride. She, who always knew how to live a full, beautiful life and was skillful in making people feel wanted and worthy. Wherever she may be, she is close… as my “Most Valuable Shield” is always with me!