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3 Tips for Choosing the right Gifts

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Giving and receiving gifts are delightful both ways! Ponder this: How do you feel when you receive a gift like just what you had in mind? or something you’ve always wanted? or in the form of a hobby you have long forgotten? Its always a delight when you receive something that you can cherish or you can Use!Tip 1: Know the personality of the person. Is the person a fashionista? or is the person a practical person? A fashionable person would appreciate anything that is colorful or even stylish, But a practical person would appreciate a gift that can be used, if not literally at least it can be looked at every single day maybe like our pub signs or a pocket tool or even a set of cuff-links.Tip 2 : The ‘Personal Touch’ kinda guy/gal?Some of your friends would be touched by a gift that is hand made or if you took the extra step by personalizing a gift, maybe like engraving their initials on a certain item?Tip 3 : Know the Age of the Person. The age of the person you are giving the gift to plays a very important role on the type of gift you can present. You would think of giving something mature like a cigar set or even a wine glass set to a person middle aged and above and on the other hand maybe give something funky or sporty like a Poker Set, just like the Royal Prince William did to his Groomsmen (or it is rumored that way).Hope these tips will help you choose the right gifts for the right people in future!

Money On Your Cuffs

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Poker Chip cufflinksPoker fan or not, having a $100 chip on your cuffs is sure to make you feel rich and adventurous. In Vegas, no man is standard… No man is boring… No man is alone. You can’t keep visiting the city of fun and thrill to add some spice into your life, so simply bring your excitement to whichever party you go to and feel anything but ordinary. Create a sensational atmosphere with each handshake or lure beautiful women each time you offer them a drink. It is simply too irresistible for anyone not to give a second glance at your cuffs with this “Welcome to Las Vegas” $100 poker chip cufflinks.
Bring out that sexy black suit or suede sports jacket, sleek your hair with some wax, slip into newly polished Italian shoes and don’t forget to slide in these cufflinks for your final touch. Stand out from the crowd and feel like the king of poker. 

Personalized Pub Signs

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Have you ever wondered what to give someone who has everything? Look no further! our store has the largest collections of pubsigns by far.  For those  fantasy football fans we have a sign for you too. For the bar guy groomsman, a traditional irish pubsign, martini lounge sign or irish whiskey bar sign. For the car crazy bestman, check out the flaming car garage or sports car signs. Pokerbuff ushers, we have pub signs for you too – the Texas hold’em sign is sweet and poker lounge sign is just a looker! These custom made signs are wooden pub signs of high quality and glossy finish. They even have kids rooms signs and candy room signs as ringbearer gifts! These custom signs have designs that are exclusive to and not available anywhere else. Plus personalization is free and the price unbeatable!

Sports Car Garage Pubsign

Personalized Poker Sets

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Personalized poker set is not only fun to play with but will impress your friends and family. This custom poker set is a great gift idea for valentine, weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, father’s day, anniversary and holidays. At we have a large selection that is highly affordable in the present economic condition. One of the hottest selling item that will allow your special one to enjoy and cherish them for a lifetime.

golf poker set