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Priceless Memories…

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Wedding pictures are not merely photographs! It’s worth more than thousand words, as it conveys love, passion, and happiness of not just two people- but the union of two families! These are the images that will tell your romantic story to the kids, and even your grand children! All the little and meaningful moments should be treasured…..when you are walking down the aisle, the bride’s father tears while giving his daughter away, and even the touching speeches by your closed ones.  For this, taking the right photographs is essential. Here are 3 simple tips to create a powerful image of your wedding photos:

  1. Hire an experienced photographer! Remember there are no second-takes in wedding photography, and having someone who is skilled in his area and who knows his camera inside out will help to capture everyone beautifully with good quality snaps.
  2. Shoot the small details too! This day is full of the tiniest details, from the rings, her veil, table settings, the car; etc which will give the album an extra dimension. These are the real things that had taken a lot of time and care to prepare… you will want to show them off, someday.
  3. Finally, Prepare and Prepare! This includes researching the venue by finding the best spots for photography, and having a backup plan in case of any failure on the technologies being used. (No power failures or run-down batteries, please)

And the Finale – Don’t forget to loosen up and give your most glamorous smile!!Display your favorite wedding picture in our Personalized Aluminum Wedding Picture Frame, that is simple and elegant, yet it makes a stunning wedding favor and even bridesmaid give away.

Where Fashion Meets Technology..

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012



Apple products are just unbeatable!  Over the years it’s iPhone have gained so much of recognition in the mobile industry, where it’s fashionable yet functional feature allow people to dial calls, receive messages, listen to music, play games, surf the web, and so many other things in between. And with time, their mobile accessories also starts to boom up, especially iPhone cases!Fashion divas are not so contented with the basic color cases that are available in the shopping malls or any other mobile stores.  For them the latest runway trends do not apply just for their wardrobe. They are excited to dress their favorite iPhone with stylish and happening cover designs that are being offered.  Top designers even manufacture their own innovative signature cases, such as Burberry, Chanel, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and many more.  However, as a matter of fact not all can afford to pay their price tags!Let your heart skip a beat with our coolest Personalized iPhone Case -White Trim that will gear up you iPhone according to the fashion magazine level style, just at a lesser tag! This light weight snap on case with its attractive springtime colors will definitely speak to others before you do.  More than a fashion statement, the durable polycarbonate material helps to extend the iPhone life by protecting the back part of the device from scratches, accidental drop, and also direct sunrays to the battery. Your fashionista bridesmaids, mother or flower girl will definitely love this case, as with its Personalization option, it will make a unique gift that they will not be able to buy just anywhere else!

A ‘Tapas’ Party to celebrate the Wedding

Friday, August 17th, 2012


As an alternative to the customary formal dinners and backyard, why not organize something out of the ordinary such as a Tapas Party? It is usually held by the Spaniards, but it has gained popularity throughout bistros and pubs across United States as well. Due to its simple and trouble free nature that doesn’t really require much advance preparation, it has induced the demand of house get-together. Varieties of snacks and appetizers that can be instantly prepared with flavorful fresh ingredients are usually set around the table casually and guests are left to help themselves. Complement these dishes with Spanish cocktail drinks such as the sexy Sangria or the refreshing Mojito that is best offered in our Circular Monogram Pitcher so that the host is liberated to enjoy the social gathering as well. Prepare the drinks the night before, put them in the fridge, and just add some ice or fruit slices before serving and hold your horses for compliments to pour in. Tune in some modern flamenco music and the crowd will totally be up to the beat. These shortcut inventions are not to be missed! Imagine the hassle and time taken to prepare individual cocktails for the guests, and plus it evacuates you off from the party fun! Perfect for any occasion, it is exclusively featured with a C- shaped handle and an easy-pour spout that makes an entertaining father of the bride gift, groomsmen gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, and even as delightful wedding favors.     

A Spa-rty For The Bride!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Bachelorette parties are female bonding time the night prior to the wedding ceremony, where they generally go rowdy at a club or bar, drinking and partying till dawn. But how imprudent can that be? The next afternoon where the bride is expected to appear at her best, will end up with a hangover, bags under her eyes, and a pounding head for the entire evening on her SPECIAL day.Be creative and open to try out other relaxing activities!! Wedding preparations can really be hectic and stressful for the bride, with tons of things on her to-do list, from gown fittings up to shedding off those stubborn excess pounds from her figure. Organizing a spa party at home with your best girls is a pleasant way to rejuvenate and purify the body and mind, just exactly what the bride needs before the wedding day!Get the help of professionals to create a spa ambience in your living room with sweet-smiling  masseurs at your service. Recreate the spa experience with floral petals and scented candles around the room, and stock up on towels, robes, body lotions, nail polish, and also our Spa Chic Soap Set with Loofa Sponge.  Allow the girls to reveal their lustrous and healthy complexion from head to toe with this soap that is infused with the fresh scent of green tea and olive oil. Watch girly DVD’s, play and wrap up the evening with a champagne toast to honor the bride-to-be of her last day as a single lady. Personalized with initials, our soap makes a beautiful gift for your maid of honor and bridesmaids that will remind them of your thoughtfulness each and every time the refreshing green tea sparks the air.

Did You Hear The Hiss?

Friday, July 20th, 2012


Its Saturday Night and its your Birthday Eve? Its not too bad of an idea to host a party at home and play some video games with your mates! Drinks have its own magical power to get the party started and forget everything the next morning. When having a party at home, the only thing that comes in mind is, Convenience!! This is true to an extent, but again quality should not be affected due to this right? The most common dilemma that one faces includes whether to supply drinks with twist-off caps or pry top?The former is easier to get off, however pry off caps is believed to offer a better taste of the beverage. This is very much true, especially for beers and sodas as it provides a tighter packaging seal that prevents oxidation. Oxygen is actually considered as one of beer’s greatest enemies!! There are many alternative ways offered for bottle opening with pry off caps without the use of a typical bottle opener, such as teeth, keys, spoons, furnitures, and many more. The question to be popped, is it safe?? Hear that hiss sound of a cold beer being opened with our Silver Plated Bottle Opener, which makes the best tool to be used to prevent any unsought injuries. Small stuff like this makes a great gift idea for the groomsmen, bridesmaids, father of the bride, and even wedding favors.  Show your love through personalized words engraved on it and this practical gift will always allow the recipient to be reminded of you whether they are in the kitchen or even traveling out and about!

Let the History of Good Times Repeat Itself!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012


 Marriage is not just about the wedding! Both the couples have a permanent responsibility to hold on to their vows and always spice up their relation even after couple of years to follow. What’s the best way to do this despite of their busy routine of getting stuck in their eight hour job a day? Dates with your spouse can be so fun and romantic that cans spice up the marriage despite the years. Rather than doing the same old monotonous thing of dining at a restaurant or watching a movie, why not try something adventurous? Away from the hustle bustle of the city, organize a romantic picnic date underneath the canopy of stars; beach side during the summer, or even at the botanical garden! Rest in each other arms, feel the lap of nature, enjoy being in love again, and this is when you will realize that life is at a slow pace. On such occasions, people normally carry a traditional picnic basket that is loaded with food and drinks. Let’s beat the common picnic norm with this spacious Personalized Picnic Deluxe Cooler that is featured with an insulated interior to keep food and beverages chilled for longer periods. Especially designed with traveling and convenience in mind, its waterproof exterior pocket allows you to store your book, mp3, computers and gadgets freely. Get it personalized to make an outstanding wedding gift, sports gift, and even bridesmaid’s gift that enhances history on good times to repeat itself! 

Getting Organized starts NOW!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

catch all trayDoes your office desk at home look like a battle zone? Documents are scattered around, until important things seem to be buried deep down under. Many of us have a common habit of loading off things from our pocket carelessly the minute we step home. The locations where we load them off differs everyday, and due to our busy routine we tend to forget where it has been placed. In relation to this matter, Survey indicates that on average people spend 6 minutes searching for their keys in the morning. Numeric “Six” might seem to be a small number, but especially during the morning rush it can save you from being late to work!Introducing our Catch All Tray that can be placed nearby the home entrance door, office desk, bedroom, and even in the car. A functional and yet practical groomsmen gift that allows them to develop a new habit of loading off their things at the designated place. It is featured with four compartments to stash your keys, wallet, phone, and even small change. No more frustration on losing your keys or wallet, because being organized can really make a difference!

The Magic Of A Pill Box..

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Have you ever realized and checked on your facial expression the minute the Doctor is writing you a prescription? Well, many go “Arghh, again medicines!” at the very sight! Generally, medicines are more attached with negative connotations due to its unappealing nature. However, these tiny little pills which form a part of your routine are essential to be taken at the right dose and time, in order for us to recover rapidly. Now, lets bring out something positive out of the fact that we may need to put reminders to have those pills after meals; introducing our Gunmetal Pill Box!

Combining form and function, our Gunmetal Pill Box store medicines and vitamins safely in five different compartments. Medicines which generally look “blah” and boring with their silver coated packages end up looking appealing in this well designed box that signifies elegance and beauty. One can even confidently take it out of a tuxedo pocket or even a ladies handbag, over dinner without having to sulk.

A very thoughtful father in law gift, fathers gift, bridesmaid gift, and even ushers gift for a fun accessory adding up to a generally healthy living!

Personalized Summer Wedding – Oh, So Refreshing!

Friday, May 25th, 2012




The summer season, which runs through the month of May up to September, is known to be the most exquisite time to get married. It could not get more romantic than getting married in an outdoor location; saying “I Do” under the endless sunshine, surrounded with cheerful bright colored flowers and chirping birds. Refreshing Food and Beverage is a must-list for Summer Weddings where mostly instead of tequila shots, Margarita is offered.. instead of hot pasta or sauces, salad and finger foods accompany the main course.Rejoice this exotic season by offering revitalizing drinks to your guests to keep them hydrated and pumped up. Offer your lemonade (with or without the margarita mix) as an entry drink with our Antique Drinking Jar and jazz it up with cut fruit to make it pretty. The best part..? You can even personalize it!!This Antique Drinking Jar that comes in sets of 4 can be engraved with initials and become more exquisite to with a special touch of Gold or Silver. It makes perfect bridesmaid gifts and even wedding gifts that can add so much fun to your summer get together!

A Gift Of A Rose – Tender, Yet Luxurious!

Friday, May 25th, 2012



As the earth laughs in flower, it is assured that no one can resist the beauty of a Rose. A famous quote by Henry Ward Beecher which says “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.” What could be a better gift than capturing the most beautiful creation into a fine, elegant, everlasting 22 K Hand dipped gold or silver plated roseas a form of appreciation to someone who has worked their way up on your special day. Award your bridesmaid who deserves true appreciation from the joy you’re received at your wedding day with our exclusive Hand dipped gold or silver rose. or even an exquisite token to the bride to be.This gorgeous rose will surely be the best way to honor your bridesmaid on your special day as lovely bridesmaid gifts! Also as a unique token as bestmangifts instead of the standard red rose in their pockets.This could be one-of-a-kind, everlasting wedding gift.. just like the love being shared!