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Time is Money – Indeed!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Since our toddler days, school has been a medium that teaches us the importance of time through punctuality. Life then shows us lots of ways that Time is indeed Money – or even more.

Scoring by a mere 30 seconds during a contest calls you a winner..

Arriving 2 minutes prior an tragic happening can even save a life..

Clicking a button on your computer missed by a few seconds can lose you a tender..

Giving birth a few minutes earlier or later can alter your stars..
In other words…
Time is a timeless treasure!

As timeless and classic as this Time Piece Money Clip – a luxurious reminder for a luxury we so often forget we own -Time.

Limited Time, Unlimited Money!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Does this classic proverb by Benjamin Franklin ring a bell “Remember, Time is Money” What is he trying to convey in this axiom is basically that time is scarce and valuable; as once it has passed you cannot rewind it. It should not be wasted and has to be utilized to the most!! Those who are prosperous and successful in life are those who appreciate the time given to them by doing positive activities.
The clock keeps on ticking, and none of us can stop it! Allow your groomsmen to value their time in the most efficient way and earn bigger bucks in the process!!  This Rectangular Watch Money Clip features a black colored dial watch with no numerical but a sparkling diamond crystal at the twelve point marker making it so exclusive and fine as gifts. Get it personalized and add some colorful ribbons to our gift box to make it a very nostalgic groomsmen gift, father’s gift, business gift.

A Manly Gift for Him on Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Every February 14, people all over the world ‘go all out’ to express their love, care, and affection to their loved ones. This day is much overrated just for women, but do you actually know men also love to receive gifts on this “lovey-dovey” day? Traditional mushy gifts usually includes goodies, wine, chocolates, cards, etc. But seriously do you want to just be ‘ordinary’? What if he is not the romantic type?
Be creative and think out of the box! Fill the yard of valentines with manly yet practical gifts that he will remember all year long. Look no further, Our Silver Etched Engraved Money Clip makes a perfect gift for him especially if he’s not into fluff, but wants substance!  A contemporary and stylish money clip is all he needs to replace his cumbersome wallets.  Engrave it with initials or a personal message to reflect your feelings for him on this special day.
This also make wonderful thank-you gifts for groomsmen and ushers, and father in law gifts.

A Perfect Groomsman Gift for A Trip to Remember…

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Every groom-to-be are thrilled and energized for their bachelor party, where they celebrate the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Most of it involves great amount of entertainment, be it massive partying, gambling at the casinos, skydiving, horse riding, etc. Remember the havoc these bachelors created in the Hollywood Blockbuster movie, “Hangover” where things completely went out of control!
To experience all the fun, money is a must have at anytime! Introducing our Black Leather Magnetic Money Clip which is an elegant and stylish accessory to keep your money in a safe place anytime you are out and about, and definitely a great one for groomsmen gifts, bestmangifts or usher gifts. Grab your cash faster with this light in weight money clip, making it an incredible alternative to those chunky wallets placed behind your pocket. Designed with a magnet, it contains a slot that allows you to slide in some bills.  Experience how this functional money clip is totally essential for a fun filled trip with your mates!

“One More Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea”

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Yet another unique add-on to woo your groomsmen.. this time its Simple, Classy and also slightly Chic..

Take a guess, what does it look like? Yes, its definitely a watch.. but there’s no wristband or chain.  Some of you may have guessed correct and the others have probably tried zooming and rotating and messed up the answers. Well, this unique piece of art is also a money clip! It’s functional in 2 different ways, it looks elegant, plus its silver!!! What else could your groomsmen ask for?! Not to forget it can also be engraved….

The best part is this makes amazing gifts for also the father or father in law; this way you present everyone with the same gift (and avoid jealous glances) and stay stress free. You might want to engrave different initials and messages to make each gift personal. Another option is to box them and have them tied with different ribbons. For instance, blue ribbon for all ushers and gold ribbon for father.

Another reason why this product was featured is because of its price.. Oh La La.. so reasonable its unbelievable! This Silver Watch Money Clip can be presented just so or paired up everyone’s favorite liquor bottle for an extra perk-up! A box of rich chocolates with a matching ribbon will also do if you prefer everyone to be straight.

So, do not forget to list this as one of the options for great groomsmen gift ideas this season!!

Groomsmen Style in Check

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Howdy?! Groomsmen Style in check??That sleek hair’s combed back and the tie is fixed tight.. Clad in that perfectly ironed Tuxedo, the Groomsman makes his move. It’s no more the Bride and her bouquet or even the groom with his shy grin.. its the groomsmen in the center of attention and the piece of action judged by the guests.Well-dressed and all elegant, helpful and ever-giving, Busy yet friendly… is still not enough without the right accessory collection. Check those cuffs for loose cuff links.. tip: A studded or one with initials never fails to woo! Shoes shiny like never before, wallets slim and leathery, (no spilling bills or currency please!!), a money clip that does not look like it’s stolen from the great grandfather (Always go for the latest stylish ones),a personalized watch that does not only tell the time but shouldn’t fail to attract women from grasping your wrists (wink)…Thanks to our most elegant pieces of men accessory and grooming as well as stylish essentials like money clips, watches, cuff links, etc.. the groomsmen need not wait to receive gifts to look smart and trendy!

A Happy Heart & Mind –> Productivity! New Executive Gifts!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


Executive gifts used to be something serious and of pure function sometime ago, making these items not so popular in the world of gift-giving and normally making the list only to be given to those career-driven people or the the brides father.

Well… the good news is these gifts like wallets, card holders, desk accessories,etc are coming in in wild vibrant colors like you have never imagined – red, purple, yellow! As these retro colors changed the designation of many designers in the fashion industry, the same way it invaded the interior decorating market as well as (to our benefit) executive gifts.

Many of these items come sin interesting designs to give a little playful touch to the otherwise somber atmosphere at the office or meeting table. A Happy Heart & Mind leads to more productivity is proven more reliable with the introduction of these items.  For instance, a crystal desk accessory shaped in an apple design make business more scrumptious.

So add these trendy executive gift items to your list of father’s gift ideas, groomsmen present ideas and even as bridesmaid gifts!

Dangerous Style!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Keep your friends close…And your enemies closer” ‎​dialogue by Vito Corleone . As quoted by the famous Godfather actor, this line became a classic motto for the mafia and underground gangsters. Clad in Suede overcoats, smoking their pipes, strolling into Italian restaurants with their sexy mistresses. Somehow, our Nappa Grain Leather Magnetic Clipis a vicious reminder from the adventurous 60’s and their infamous players. If we could see through their tainted pockets we would see this notorious Leather Clip holding their dirty cash and unlimited credit cards. Of course, along with their loaded guns! It may be an immense desire at times to want to live up to the so called “mafia” role. But the thoughts of killing with no wince of expression on your face may be a little too much for reality. Well, the good news is you don’t need the sizzling hot looks to feel sassy, and definitely not the skill to murder. You can always dress to kill. All you need is this money clip inside your suit pocket to experience the life of a dangerously glorified mafia.

Monograms and more wedding gift ideas

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Monogrammed gifts are always favorites at weddings as it adds the special personal touch. A wedding that has its planning down to the fine details includes different items that are monogrammed. This provides indirectly a decorative theme for your wedding. They are elegant, yet understated and make the wedding a little more classier.

Some of the things that can be monogrammed besides gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, include wedding stationary, postage stamps, ribbons and wedding aisle runners. Other items that are typically monogrammed is the wedding ring pillow, the wedding guest book and pen, table linen for the reception, especially or at least the main table and around the wedding cake. Monogram shoes gives it the Hollywood touch!

Gifts that are personalized look a little bit more elegant – whether they are groomsmen gifts, bridesmaids gifts or gifts for close family members and in-laws to be. Nowadays, monogram gifts are affordable to personalize and gift ideas are abundant. From cufflinks, to pocket knifes, leather gifts, money clips, wine glasses, engraved flutes and personalized pub signs- monograms are on all time favorite weddings, working as memorable gifts as well.

So plan ahead and order early to be able to get the personalized touch and theme that you need. These extra touches make your wedding day just that much more special for you and your bride.

Vermeil Cushion Monogram Cufflinks

Leather up and give

Friday, October 16th, 2009

With the holiday season around the corner, and the fall and winter bringing families closer at weddings, or Thanksgiving, thinking of a nice rich gift may be difficult. Some gifts never go out of fashion- for men or women. A gift of leather is more than appreciated, and is always a classic. Whether wallets or journals, bags or wine carriers, cases for your Ipod Touch or Blackberry,if its genuine leather, you see a brow raised in appreciation. Leather can be of many qualities so choose wisely when picking out a gift. If its cheap to buy, its probably cheap to touch!

Leather Duo Money Clip