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Impressive Cocktail Glasses – Hand Blown Perfection

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013



From Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to Christmas and New Year, get ready to bottom’s up on your favourite cocktails. It’s holiday season people!

What comes to mind when you hear about these auspicious days? The spirit of the season begins to fill hearts. It’s seen in one and all. Every family gathers at home – kids play on the front yard and rush inside to enjoy a glass of hot coco, the ladies come together and cook the fanciest dinner you can ever imagine, and you end the night playing dumb charades and gulping down your favourite cocktail.

The perfect ambience for the perfect time of the year cannot be complete without an array of classy glassware. As the temperature drops, Hot buttered rum, Baileys, Bloody Marys and eggnogs are classic cocktails that’ll keep your warm and fuzzy inside. The glass you drink your cocktail from is as important as the contents within. These Hand Blown Cosmopolitan Cocktail glasses as the name suggests are crafted with perfection with a glassblowing technique that doesn’t grow old resulting in a fine product as this. The shape, size, look and material of these glasses are nothing short of appealing and pleasing. Surely a set worth keeping or gifting this wonderful holiday season.

Drink is the feast of reason and the flow of soul. –Alexander Pope

Black Friday – Let’s get kickin’ with the cyber sale!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Waiting in line in a long queue to get the best deals is literally something of the old times. When you can shop AND get the best of the best within your fingertips, why waste that money on parking or the bus or even risk getting achy feet at the end of your spree. Perk up your computer, with a cup of coffee next to you, legs up on that comfortable sofa.. and with a wicked grin visit our website and start your cyber sale shopping.Treating yourself this year (as every year) is naturally a must; as the saying goes “Attend to yourself first than the person next to you” and then start browsing for some small thank you tokens for the mother or father, grandparents, siblings and even friends.This year, especially dedicates its heartfelt thanks to the ‘lady of the house’ who cares throughout the whole year with no complains (well, not much complain). Award her with some bar accessories that personalized and unique like personalized wooden cutting boards or even a groovy iPad cover if she’s a career woman.Well, that is what thanksgiving is about isn’t it??  The act of sharing and loving – and nothing like a personalized gift to make someone happy!