Affordable Wedding Favors for Men

November 7th, 2014

We know that women often receive wedding favors at the wedding reception but male guests like to receive nice tokens of appreciation at special events. The key is to give male wedding guests masculine gifts that are fun but still practical at the same time. One idea is to give each male guest an engraved shot glass because many men enjoy alcoholic beverages and a neat shot glass would be great for them to have. You can buy colored shot glasses with masculine designs such as cars, sports equipment or music notes.

Personalized Keychains

Another good wedding favor for men besides the engraved shot glass is to give all of the groomsmen personalized keychains. These are practical gifts that will be used for years to come and the keychains are inexpensive to buy in bulk. Purchase the keychains in neutral colors since these are the most fitting colors for men at weddings.

Tickets To Sporting Events

Tickets to sporting events are also neat wedding favors to give your groomsmen and you can package the tickets in black or a dark brown envelope with a funny engraved message on the front of each envelope. The messages can be about your groomsmen’s personalities that pertain to their favorite sports.

Miniature Colored Blank Business Cards

For the groomsmen who own businesses, you can assist them in promoting themselves by giving them a small bag filled with personalized business cards that contain their names and contact information about their businesses. This is a nice practical gift to give to business minded groomsmen.

Fancy Ink Pens

Men will always need good stationery to use so if you’re looking for good wedding favors for your groomsmen, fancy ink pens are great to give them. Package the ink pens in dark colored pen cases and then wrap a bow around each of the cases for the personal touch. Add a few notepads and bookmarks to the bag with the pens.
Women are not the only ones who enjoy cool party favors when they attend weddings; men like these as well. Think about the personality of your groomsmen and give favors accordingly. You don’t have to spend a fortune on groomsmen’s party favors because you can get them at inexpensive prices. Package the gifts in decorative yet masculine gift bags and attach thank you notes to the bags. You should also include useful items such as mints and travel size deodorant.

Gift Ideas for Husband’s Man Cave

November 7th, 2014

So it’s been a few weeks since your wedding and you are thinking of ways you can decorate the new home together. Why not turn the basement into a customized man cave for your husband? Your husband will enjoy his personal space and he can invite friends over for games or small gatherings during the year. You can place a wine cellar or bar inside the man cave and then you may decide to include posters of your husband’s favorite football team. For the husband who visits pubs, you can order a few customized pub signs for him to put on the door to the man cave. Here are other gift ideas for the man cave.

Game Equipment

Inside the man cave your husband wants to relax and feel like a kid again and the best way to provide this kind of entertainment for him is with game equipment. Your husband may not like video games but you can place a dart board, pool table, poker table and a few boxes of different card games in the basement so your husband and his buddies can enjoy themselves with friendly competition.

Box of Vintage Wines

For the husband who has more sophisticated tastes, substitute the cases of beer for boxes of good vintage wines that he can store in his wine cellar inside the man cave. Vintage wines are a great way for your husband to show off his classy lifestyle and these wines also taste good. Purchase a combination of red and white vintage wines.

Electric or Gas Grill

If you’re turning the garage into a funky man cave, give your husband the gift of a grill so he can prepare his signature barbecued ribs for the family and good friends. Read reviews of different grills from various brands and choose a model that would suit your husband’s cooking needs the best.

Flat Screen TV

There will be times when you and your husband will not want to watch the same movies or TV programs and if you’re creating a man cave for him, a good gift to buy for him is a flat screen TV so that your husband can watch his favorite shows and relax in peace. In addition to the TV you can buy him a few DVDs, some personalized beer mugs, monogrammed coasters to place the mugs, and some customized area rugs in his favorite colors.

Salute in Style!

November 4th, 2014

Royalty Glass Bottom Tankard

My husband and I have been married now for 7 years, and I’m perfectly happy when I go back and look at our wedding photos and see the flasks our groomsmen received at the rehearsal dinner.

Happy–but now a little envious, too. How could I not be after seeing this exquisite collection of pewter glass bottom tankards? Featuring four different styles appropriate for a variety of occasions, these tankards set the new standard for class in gift-giving for men.

Each pewter tankard is perfectly polished and designed with the highest attention to detail. They hold 16oz of your favorite beverage and come in a handsome black card box, making even the packaging elegant. Crafted with a strong-arm handle and clear glass bottom, every tankard can be personalized–either with initials or a full name, depending on the design–for that extra special touch.

I can imagine going back in time and seeing our bridal party toast with these tankards. I can see giving one to my dad when he retires in a few years. I can picture the smile on my husband’s face if he receives it for Father’s Day next year. Whatever the reason, this is a man’s gift, and any man would be grateful to receive it.

Liquor on the go? Why not?

September 30th, 2014



A great man is one who always comes prepared and pays strong attention to detail. He delights in adventure and treads with style. From his attire to every gear and gadget in his possession, he makes sure they are of the highest quality.

A great man sets out to conquer his world of wonderful possibilities without forgetting what matters most.

A great man also knows what is needed to quench his thirst and to satisfy his palates. Wherever he goes, he makes sure he has ample supplies.

A great man doesn’t settle for just anything. He wants only the best.

A great man as such is worthy of an item as sleek as this Black Leather Hip Flask.  This one’s a perfect combination of stainless steel and leather. What more needs to be said? This is the kind of item that on its own makes a statement.

Hip flasks have been around since the 18th century and have been a big hit ever since. It is a must have item for every liquor aficionado. Our exquisite hip flask with gorgeous intricate details that comes with engraving truly belongs with a man of great taste. He can carry his favorite liquor in this marvelous black flask. Your man will never have to tag an unappealing bottle along with him wherever he goes. With this flask which he can fit into his jacket or trouser pocket, he will be the happiest man in the world. As he takes the flask out of his pocket, heads will surely turn envying the style he takes pride in. Ponder no more if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift!

Most Valuable Person? Most Valuable Gift!

August 28th, 2014

Most Valuable Groomsmen Coaster

I love flasks, I really do. Tumblers, cufflinks– all great.

But they’re a little overdone, don’t you think?

Going with a classic gift is always an option. It’s timeless and always appreciated. But today’s groom isn’t always looking for tradition. For the man who wants to think outside the box, you’ve got to check out these Most Valuable Person Shield coasters on our site. What’s usually seen adorning a wall is brought down to a nearly 4″x4″ coaster size and makes the perfect novelty item when hosting or entertaining.

I love this gift because it’s still masculine, it’s completely practical, and it will be something that actually gets used in the recipient’s house. Every time your friend goes to prevent that pesky drink sweat from getting on his hardwood table, he’ll be reminded of the fun times he had standing by your side on the big day. All coasters are personalized with the groomsman’s name, the last names of the groom & bride, and the year of the wedding. Plus, you can purchase them in royal blue, gold, or maroon.

BUT WAIT. Ladies, we did not forget you.

The bridesmaids get a little love as well with coasters of their own featured in delicate pink. A regal MVP banner is stamped across the top of the shield, with the information below it in alternating block and script font. So fun for any gal who fancies herself a hostess! Plus, what a great conversation starter. Remember when crazy Aunt Lula dove for the bouquet and wound up on the floor with her dress hiked up around her waist?? You’ll be reminded of every laugh, smile, and tear when you pull out these decorative coasters.

So, grooms & brides, please think of your friends when you go to purchase bridal party gifts. They have all the flasks they need. Give them something new this time.

Give them something they’ll use for years to come.

A First Class Ride for Your Cigar

June 2nd, 2014

Personalized Silver Cigar Flask with Black Leather Pouch

Comedian George Burns once said, “I’m at the age now where just putting my cigar in its holder is a thrill.”

Honestly, if George Burns had this silver cigar flask at his disposal, I don’t blame him. I think a refined man of any age would get a thrill out of carrying around this handsome single cigar tube with matching black leather pouch. For less than $50, you’ll make a statement that you’re a man of taste and distinction– an important message to convey in both the business and personal worlds.

Every time you reach for a cigar, you’ll be reminded of how much the person who gave it to you truly cares for you– because, of course, it’s been engraved for that unique touch. Know a man who’s expecting his first child soon? Make that moment of celebrating with his loved ones a time to remember by personalizing his cigar flask with the date of his new baby’s birth. Encourage male camaraderie by purchasing a set for each groomsman in a bridal party.

Whatever the occasion, this gift will be well-received because a good cigar speaks to the heart of what it means to be a man: they’re bold, smooth, and full of flavor. And if you’re buying this item for yourself, remember– your favorite cigar is the gateway to relaxation and bliss. Doesn’t it deserve a proper resting place when it’s not in use?

Bottoms Up!

June 2nd, 2014

Personalized Football tumbler

Football season is still months away (boo…) but all that really means is you still have plenty of time to order these customized tumblers and get them in before the big game (YAY!). Or big wedding. Or big whatever-event-you-have-coming-up, because the best selling point (in my opinion) of these handsome glasses is that you can personalize them by writing whatever you want!

Brides, that means you can have “Groomsman” put on them. Parents, engrave “#1 Coach” for a truly special gift. Sons, remind your dad how cool it is that he raised you to be a “Cowboys Fan”.

There is no limit to what you can say with these football tumblers– as long as you can say it in twelve characters, that is. On one side, you can add a line of custom text; on the other, three block initials to make every glass as unique as its recipient.

Gotta admit, they make those traditional silver flasks we gave our own groomsmen look kinda lame in comparison. Not only is the actual shape of the glass reminiscent of a football, but the textured details on the glass itself are identical to what you’d find on your favorite pigskin. And did you SEE the little red circular icon at the top of the page? You get one free tumbler when you buy two!

(Um, why haven’t you clicked “Add to Basket” yet?)

In all seriousness, though, imagine your next Super Bowl party with the crew when you pull out a set of personalized drinking glasses for your hubby, his brother, his dad, and your own pops. Suddenly, a routine family tradition gets kicked up a notch and you become the hostess of the year. (There’s a LOT of leverage that comes with that position. Getting removed from dishes duty is just one of the perks.)

Typewrite Initial Pendant

April 18th, 2014

Since you’re reading this blog, it probably doesn’t come as any surprise that I like to write. A lot. Probably too much. What can I say? While the other kids in school always had to split contractions to increase their word count, I went into a cold sweat trying to find a spare 300 words to cut out of my term papers.

This Typewriter Initial Pendant makes my heart skip a beat.

(In a good way, not the “you-just-ended-a-sentence-with-a-preposition” way.)

While you don’t know me personally, I’m sure there’s someone in your life who enjoys the written word, and how fun would it be to surprise them with an actual typewriter key from a bygone era? Trendy enough to fit in with today’s popular vintage style but simple enough to go with anything in your closet, you really can’t go wrong with this one. I love how the chain comes separate, too—gives you the flexibility of picking out the perfect look for everyone on your wish list. (We all have that friend whose skin just can’t handle silver…)

Plus, I just love to see my initial on something—don’t you? It makes me feel special and unique to walk into a store and see one of those tumblers with the handy built-in straw featuring the letter “H”. Even though Harriet, Hannah, and Hope can all buy that tumbler, too, it still feels like it was created just for me.

That’s the feeling I get every time I wear this pendant. Special. Unique. Stylish. I love that feeling! I encourage you to share it with someone today by gifting them this pendant. You’ll be glad you did.

Organizer Valet

April 9th, 2014


When I first saw this Organizer Valet, one word came to mind: Kyle.

Probably not the word you were thinking, but stick with me.

Kyle is my husband, and the reason his name popped into my head is because he needs this valet… like, immediately. Or better yet, I need it because—let’s face it, ladies—it doesn’t bother him to see watches, cuff links, and phones scattered about on an otherwise neat dresser… it bothers you.

It’s time to take back those three minutes a day you spend picking up after your man (did you know that amounts to 18 hours a year?!) and spend it on something more worthwhile (IE: you). Your mother always told you there was a place for everything and everything in its place, and while it may make you cringe to admit it, she was right. The best thing about this Organizer Valet is its capacity to hold so many different types of objects. “It doesn’t fit” is no longer a plausible excuse.

Personally, I can’t take my eyes off the bottom right corner where a small collection of coins has gathered—they look much nicer piled there than strewn carelessly about on a bedside table. (Anyone else know where I’m coming from? Anyone?)

Guys, we love you. We love your glasses for the way they make you look distinguished and we love your watch because when one doesn’t go with our outfit we can still rely on you for the time. What we don’t love is seeing that junk those accessories carelessly tossed in a drawer. (What we love even less is how you expect us to know where your keys are at all times…)

Your Hydration is just a Carafe Set Away!

November 9th, 2013

Carafe set


I’m sure I’m not the only one who has woken up in the middle of the night feeling dehydrated and having trouble going back to sleep. Dehydration during sleep is quite common. The processes in your body are working hard while you sleep, and even breathing alone results in water loss from your body. To avoid this from happening, having at least half a glass of water before bed time and when you wake amidst the silence of the night can be very helpful to replace the lost fluids. But seriously, who has the energy to get out of bed when you’re safely tucked under your favourite warm blanket? Why not the next time you’re about to get into bed, grab some liquid of life in this gorgeous looking Personalized Carafe Set that comes with a glass that also serves as its lid.

Beautiful and multi functional, this set can be used not just for water. Surprise your loved ones before bed with some warm milk or some fresh juice once they wake up. Having this awesome set will help you keep hydrated and in turn lead a healthier life. Besides as a bedside accessory, I reckon it would look pretty on the coffee table, dining room, lounge, study room………basically just about anywhere. What are you waiting for now that you have a fancy way to stay hydrated?